10 Reasons you must have a Digital Marketing Strategy

digital-marketing-strategy1. You’re disoriented
Companies without a digital strategy don’t have precise strategic objective for what they want to gain new customers or building broad relationships with the existing customer. And if you do not have goals you likely don’t bring enough assets to reach your goals and you don’t evaluate through web analytics whether you’re hitting those goals.

2. You will never know your online market share
Customer demand for online services may be under calculated if you haven”t researched this. Most probably you won’t understand your own online marketplace: these dynamics will be quite distinct to traditional old channels with different kind of client profile and behavior, propositions, competitors and options for marketing communications.

3. Most of the Existing and start-up competitors will gain from your market share
If you’re not allotting enough resources to your digital marketing part with no clearly defined strategies, then your competitors will surely going to eat your margin!

4. You don’t have a authoritative online value proposition
A well-defined value proposition for online customers will surely help you to differentiate your online services encouraging both existing and new customers to engage initially and stay loyal for lifetime.

5. You don’t know about your online customers well enough
It’s generally said that digital is “most quantitative medium ever”. But tools like Google Analytics and similar will only tell you about volumes not the sentiment. You will need other ways of website user feedback mechanism to recognize your weak points and ways to address them.

6. You’re not unified
It’s all too accepted for digital to be finished in silos whether that’s an expert digital marketer, sitting in IT department or a particular digital agency. It’s easier that way to package online marketing into an agreeable chunk. Everyone acknowledge that digital media work awesome when unified with traditional media and high response channels.

7. Digital doesn’t have enough resources/budget
Deficient resource will be dedicated to both execution and planning e-marketing and there is ascertain to be a absence of specific specialist e-marketing skills which will make it quite tedious to respond to competitive action simultaneously.

8. You’re wasting resources through duplication
Even if you have ample resource, it may be wasted. This is especially in larger companies where you see different chunks of the marketing organization procuring different tools or utilizing different agencies for executing same online marketing jobs.

9. You’re not agile to compete.
If you observe at the top online brands like Dell, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Zappos they’re all flexible and dynamic in nature – trialing new approaches and horizons to win their audience.

10. You’re really not optimizing anymore.
Every organization with a website will surely have amazing analytics, though many senior managers don’t assure that their teams make or have that much time to review and act accordingly. Just once a strategy hits you to get the basics, then you can proceed to endless improvement of the key facets like site user experience, search marketing, social media marketing and email.

That was our top 10 problematic areas that can be averted with a well thought digital marketing strategy.

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