4 Things before executing Engagement Strategy


Below are requisites of Engagement Marketing:

1. Must be Relevant

Relevance must be always prime concern of any marketer. If content or communication is not relevant then they are surely going to be ignored. In addition, it can deteriorate your lead nurturing efforts if you are transmitting the wrong Information at wrong time to a potential client. For example, if you forward a Quotation sheet to any of your who is not even in proximity to making a buying decision , in that case you might shorten up chances of interaction in near future. In simple word you would create a distance between prospect and your market offerings and result in lost opportunity to persuade that prospect of the value you can deliver. You are supposed to listen carefully and understand the expected value from customer while satisfying all constraints of relevancy of message conveyed to those potential clients.

2. Two – Way Communication

Nobody likes their inbox to be flooded with emails talking about themselves only. To better engage a Potential client or customer in conversation, the communication must be always two-way. In different words, people tend to be more proactive towards your communication when they know that you are listening too which is actual meaning of a conversation. And to effect this in action, it needs to be backed with technology that is capable of doing more than just blasting newsletters. In short your requisite is a platform that can effectively “listen” to what buzz your prospects are propagating digital space. In response you can respond them accordingly and engage them through two-way dialogue. However, listening is easier said than being accomplished. Many companies are engaging in Cellular channels on the basis of what is convenient due to the technology available to them as resource.

3. Beyond email is the key

In Today’s arena buyers spend time in a variety of places like website, preferred social network or at an event of any person. It is demand of an hour to engage them in all of these channels. If you are not proactive that enough then your competitors probably will surely. Irrespective of which channel you are engaging in, the crucial point is in being social with all undergoing interactions. Always remember, social media is really about interacting hygienically.

In nature social elements are quite interactive. For example, a poll. You can always ask a question which is relevant to a potential client and by listening to that answer, you get prospects insights like their interests and needs. At the same instance. From social integration you expand your reach of conversation with buyers and potential clients. As social interaction enables to distribute your valuable content with prospect buyers hence allowing them to again share with their colleagues and peers.

4. Keep Conversations On always

The conversation is an ongoing process it should not stop once a prospect becomes a customer. Actually, it’s just beginning of a long-term relationship with customer. Irrespective of what customer life-cycle looks like for your company, the conversation with customers is supposed to continue and change over the passage of time. Because it is associated with your objectives and goals and those of your customers. For instance, a new customers will be stay focused on adoption of product while a old customer will be interested in taking advantage of additive products and features.

As the conversation continues to grow, your brand can tap number of opportunities in order to generate more revenue from cross-sells and up sells. In addition to this a loyalty also takes place among your customers and company that again encourages referrals. But, as to achieve those objectives, you are supposed to deliver varied quality content and instantiate discussions in alignment the customer’s focus.

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