5 Excellent Tips for Effective Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has already developed into one of the robust Social Media behemoth and will continue to peruse with same momentum. Many companies are already utilizing the power of this robust platform to leverage their online influence. Everyone from an individual blogger to a big firm can use this social network to increase business and growing online presence.
Below are 5 tips that can help you get more from your Pinterest Marketing efforts:-

1. Properly fill the Description BoxesPinterest Marketing

This is the most obvious one but is often misconceived. Just stuffing all the blanks on your profile is not enough. In spite, target on the keywords related to your business. Include well what your website is about in your profile’s description field. You can join your Facebook (Facebook Page cannot be connected) and Twitter profile on your profile too. You must fill out the descriptions on your pins and boards as well.

Having a well filled profile will help it position better in Pinterest and Google search results. Though, nicely managed pins with proper utilization of hashtags will rank better in the Pinterest search results.

pinterest marketing for business

2. Follow the Right People

Incepting a good profile and adding pins won’t help you to much extent if you don’t have a targeted audience to like and re-pin your content. While optimize your profile with new and unique content, keep following other people in your sphere and re-pin their content too.

This way you help someone gain more reach on Pinterest and will get you same in return. Keep on posting good quality pins and keep following people with similar interests and you will observe more relevant users visiting your website through your Pinterest account.

3. Pin What People Admireeffective pinterest marketing

After creation of your account, you may be allured to insert images from your website to your Pinterest profile. But, doing so will convey to your potential followers that you are here only to advertise your business ends in less or nil followers. Therefore, it is advisable to not add anything from your website unless and until you have a well formed profile along with pins from some groups like Wedding, Photography, Architecture, etc. Owning a business related to the famous categories on Pinterest can be exceedingly helpful.


pinterest group boards
4. Regular Participation in Group Boards

With the passage of time, you may start getting a lot of requests from Pinterest users to join them. A must check aspects before joining the board- Is the board akin to your niche group?



  • Does it have good number of followers?
  • Are the pins consisting of high quality content?

If your answer is “Yes” for all above questions, then the board is worth following. You may accompany it differently as well but it may impact negatively your profile visitors. In case you have joined a wrong one and you can leave it anytime.

5. Broadcast the Pinspinterest marketing strategy

You can send your pins to various other users as well. You can only do this for those people whom you followed and they follow you back. But, in case if you have achieved followers by this strategy of following the people in your own niche circle, then you will have plenty of people to send the pins. The rocket symbol in pinterest sends a notification to the users stating that you have sent them a pin and there is a high chance of them viewing them. Hence, increasing the probability of getting it liked and re-pinned as well.

It’s a simple technique but can be very powerful and can result in a lot of repins. Make sure to share only great content and not to abuse this feature.

Above were few techniques that can help to leverage your online marketing strategies. Just make sure that you have great content and avoid abuse of these features.

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