6 Digital Marketing Trends that will bolster in 2015

If Retargeting, Social Signals, Gamification, Content Marketing & Distributions, Social Signal , SEO and Facebook Marketing were the latest digital marketing patterns of 2014 then following below are some emerging digital marketing trends for 2015 that your exclusive business idea must pursue:

1) Demand of Content Marketing will boom:
Demand of content marketing strategies will accelerate persistently in 2015 as well. Majority of companies are incorporating content marketing as essential ingredient in their marketing budgets. It is quite facts that organizations which have adequate content marketing added in their marketing plan tends to generate more business compared to organizations that focus on traditional marketing elicit more interest in their target audiences. As a result, business owners are going to spend around 25% of their marketing budget share on content marketing activities.

video-marketing-tips-20152) Video as Marketing Tool:
Video is going to be essential ingredient of content marketing strategy in future. It has become useful part of entire marketing strategy to hike conversion rate and offer vital information about brand story. Usually explainer video equips your customer to better understand the functioning of your product or services which no image or text can explain. According to a study by Cisco Systems, till 2017 video will sum up for 69% of all consumer traffic on internet.

3) Use of Data in Marketing Strategies:

Today plenty of data is available to us than ever before. Marketers will continue to use more n more data to comprehend the cost of acquisition for a customer which finally helps them to spend proactively. Better segmentation will be possible because Advertisement messages are going to be driven by information gained from end user itself. There are plenty of resources (Data) that a marketer can utilize to be implemented in your marketing strategy such as Competitor content, Social Media content, Google Trends, etc.

Micro-Targeting-Tips-20154) Micro Targeting:

Accurate location based data sets will be widely used by companies to convert end users from web and mobile mediums. It is quite general that advertisements having a well targeted audience proved to be more effective as comparison to a non targeted advertisement. Well knowing whom to pitch, their need and wants helps you to better budget your marketing share.

5) Extensive Focus on Mobile:

Mobile internet will be much robust than desktop internet customers by 2015 as per a study time events with the kind of applications or locations they are. Studies are there which found that customers who use mobile phones for products inquiry are more ascertain to disciple into a potential customer compared to any other medium.

6) Personalized/ Customized Marketing:
Personalized marketing is apparently the future of marketing, because it is the ultimate way of targeted marketing. This kind of marketing is all about constructing customer centric conversation for individual users. Therefore, a marketer should recognize a customer location, name, preferred communication and needs, etc.
2015 has a lot for digital marketing and the good news is that sooner you will start executing these future marketing trends in your marketing strategy. You will be more clearer to achieve your goals.
We will be glad to augment your comments and kindly suggest and trend that will bolster marketing strategies in 2015.

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