A Sneak Peak into a day of a Digital Marketer

A Sneak Peak into a day of a Digital Marketer

Marketing has changed a lot in past few years than in the previous 50. Why? Digital Marketing which is different than traditional media. Its channels and methods enable real-time implementation, analysis and changes in marketing campaigns. This way you get the ability to see what is and isn’t working.

Digital Marketers are often asked, “so it’s basically advertising?” or “do you spend whole day on Facebook and Twitter?” “This must be very easy, even I want to be the social media manager because it would be great to just spend whole day on social media”.

Let me tell you, far beyond simple ability to use social media, digital marketing requires understanding of consumer habits, sentiments, and motivations, industry trends and competition, visualizing and creating content that will help us gain positive sentiments, the ability to synthesize analytics, coordinating effectively with teams and clients and lot more.

To take a holistic approach to digital marketing means understanding the multi-marketing channels that will lift your brand and ultimately lead to revenue generation, but it takes time, patience and dedication. For a digital marketing professional is highly necessary to understand several online marketing methods and how they work individually and simultaneously. To succeed in it, you cannot limit yourself to just one aspect of it. You need to work together on all the components – content, community, visualization, Analytics, communication, etc.

In a digital marketing company you cannot work on ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every industry, business, even target audience is different. So a digital marketer has to frame tailored campaigns and activities for each client having specific target audience, having different expectations.

What do digital marketers do?

Digital marketers are born from vast online presence of consumers and to leverage this vast presence for generating greater business revenue they develop marketing strategies which include:

  • Managing ad campaigns: This include goal setting, planning and designing ad copies, messages, target audience, right platform, review and analysis.
  • Social Media: This is something which is not one time but a recurring task and working in an agency a digital marketer is performing this activity for multiple clients. It includes creating conversational calendars and creative designs (the photos you see and give instant likes), another thing is responding to your twitter complaints or your Facebook messages, and everything is done with the approval of clients.
  • Content Marketing: It is about crafting actual messages which include creating blog posts, email content, website content, press releases, anything and everything.
  • Analytics Analysis: Digital marketers don’t simply publish random posts on Facebook and twitter. A lot goes into the posts you see on your news feeds. Every month key performance indicators (KPI) are analyzed that tell how post can be improved, how well each post performed, what time and day post should go live, and much more.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This helps bring a website in search engine top ranking, it is an under-utilized but a powerful tool. In search engine environment algorithms change constantly, so if a marketer is not updated on those, things that are effective today might end up hurting the next.

These activities depict a shorter picture of a vast digital marketing space. The key to success lies in managing complex customer relationships across variety of channels, participating in dynamic and meaningful customer interactions, utilizing ‘big data’ successfully to facilitate faster and better decision-making.


Let’s get into a day of a Enthusiastic Digital Marketer


7 a.m.: Rise and shine! Start the day.

8 a.m.: Eat breakfast, take a quick glance at news and headlines; read up relevant things and share with one of many business accounts.

9 a.m.: Head to the office

9:30 a.m.: Plan out the day, check emails and address things that take very less time to solve; remaining emails becomes the actions for the day.

9:45 a.m.: Meeting with individual or team to talk about projects and their progress.

10 a.m.: Touch base with clients on anything outstanding or urgent.

11a.m.-1p.m.: Write a digital marketing plan, blog post, or press release, handling social media pages of clients, coordinating with the team for progress in the tasks, helping them in their tasks.

1p.m.-2p.m.: Have lunch, check up on Facebook, LinkedIn, and chat with friends and other professionals in the same industry.

2p.m.-4p.m.: Take stock of various client activities in place by looking at analytics reports; go over key metrics (what content has had the most attention, answering to the users questions, Look for anything unexpected or out of ordinary and if found look for insights.

4p.m-6p.m.: Communicating with clients and prospects, fix up meeting with them if required. Get back to writing plans or any other thing or progress reports needed to give clients.

6p.m. and after: Head back to home, spend time with family and loved ones, catching up on blogging, twitter, facebook, etc settle in for the night.

So, this is how digital marketers spend their day, but to do it efficiently and drive results it is necessary to be enthusiastic about work. This is the case of any profession but to tap vast consumers in online space understanding their emotions and touch points; and then creating activities around those motivations is vital.