Behavioural Email: Key to unlocking hidden value in users

Behavioural Email: Key to unlocking hidden value in users

Emails are sent with the aim of being opened, clicked and converted into sale. Mass emails are sent to reach larger audience but the bigger the list, the less marketer know and the more he is forced to guess about what to say and what to send.

So if you change the strategy and send the emails on the basis of behavioural factor instead of begging uninterested users to take action, you are moving already interested people through a buying process.
In this new era of email marketing, personalization, dynamic segmentation and data reign supreme, data-driven behavioural email is proving to be more effective than promotional email. Here are some ways any business can take advantage of behavioural email:

1. Send best welcome email

In a welcome email marketer shows the value of their product/service/information as quickly as possible and guide the users to the next step. In the time one takes to create and send a promotional email, a perfect welcome email can easily be crafted. A great welcome email will impact on your activation rate, helping you turn subscribers into ardent readers, free trial users into fans and new customers into loyal partners. Marketers need to find out which action can trigger users to move to next step, and build the welcome email around it.

2. Ask for feedback before leaving

Irrespective of the kind of business one has, it is always necessary to ask for feedback while user is leaving without buying anything. Whether one have an e-commerce store, a mobile app, or a physical store, people are leaving all the time without converting. At least ask for feedback or incentivize them, so that they think of coming back. We have few email ideas to accomplish this:

• Send email reminder for left over products in shopping cart.
• Send “Are you still interested?” emails.
• Send reminder emails to inactive users.
• Send feedback or service rating email after people are really done. The information gathered from this will
be really valuable to get to know the behavioural aspect of customers.

To embed all the above ideas most important and first step is to collect customer information like name, contact number and email address.

3. Send renewal emails

Email is the perfect and simple solution to expected problems. Marketer should try to schedule the arrival of email with the customer’s realization that it’s time to buy the thing he is selling. For example, if you sell apparels, trigger an email reminding customers to renew their wardrobe. Like summers are arriving, try to schedule the email with customer’s realization that it’s time to buy some summer wears.
It is a problem you can easily solve every time. Timeliness will drive more ROI than glittery email so marketer should be available when you are needed.

4. End up with email receipts

Promotional emails may be left unopened but transactional emails are opened eight times the rate of promotional email according to Experian India. Receipts are a great thing to begin with. Sending a receipt implies that customer has already made a purchase. Marketer has successfully overcome all the challenges to complete a sale, now it’s time to strengthen the relationship with the customer. Make you receipt valuable by including referral code, offer discount for next purchase, ask them to follow on Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.
Embedding these four ideas in email marketing campaign can drive real revenue for any business; the only thing is marketers have got to think bigger than blasts.


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