Metrics To Track And Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

Metrics To Track And Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

Every marketer has long understood the power of email marketing. And now that you’ve mastered building your email marketing database and producing compelling EDMs, digging out the finest ways to track and measure success over time is pivotal so that you can iterate you email campaigns. Below are few most important email metrics to measure and also you can find out how you can interpret your results to create more encouraging email marketing campaigns and help deliver targeted leads to your sales team.
Metrics and ways to interpret them
1. Open Rate: As name depicts it is the percentage of recipients who opened your email. By tracking this rate over time you can get grip of how engaged your subscriber base is with your email marketing.
• How you can increase your open rate: Your subject is the foremost factor that affects your open rate. So if your open rate is low, you might need to re-examine your subject line strategy. It needs to be compelling and attractive, yet clear, concise and crisp. You can also try split testing to determine which subject lines work best for your campaign and drive more eye balls. Decent open rate range between 15 -25 percent.
2. Click-Through Rate: The CTR is the number of unique individuals who click one or more links in your email expressed as a percentage of total tracked opens. This measure gives you an overview of how engaged subscribers are with your calls to take further action.
• How you can increase your click-through rate: Create compelling content that instigate your subscribers to take action. For instance, your anchor text should be compelling and motivate readers to click. And in order to draw reader’s eye to your call to action, consider highlighting and emboldening the text to help it stand apart.
3. Unsubscribe Rate: It is defined as the percentage of delivered email messages that generated unsubscribe request. Tracking this will help you see how relevant your email marketing is and whether it is successful in keeping audience engaged.
• How you can reduce unsubscribe rate: rising unsubscribe rate is a thing to worry and you will need to investigate how you can retain your reader’s by creating contextually relevant emails based on their needs and wants. Or maybe you are sending out too many emails, which is annoying your users and compelling them to unsubscribe. A good way to find out what’s going wrong is to add a question or a very short survey that people can fill out when they hit unsubscribe button. Their responses might suggest you some resolution.
4. Conversion Rate: It is the number of ‘take-ups’ resulting from the email activity. For instance, the number of completed transactions from a cart or the download of a document. This is the crucial goal, measuring how effective your email has been at convincing subscribers to take the ultimate action you’ve aimed for.
• How you can improve your conversion rate: to improve this you will first need to ensure that your subscribers click through your offer. And another factor that influences your conversion rate is the design and content of your landing page that you are sending to your subscribers. Your landing page should be visually appealing and needs to draw your subscriber’s eye towards the goal you would like them to complete.
How the right metrics can help your sales team
Your email metrics can also create a more focused sales process. For example, by getting an insight of what works best and implementing it in your email marketing you can offer more qualified leads to you sales team. By providing them with a list of people who performed certain action over your mail received, they can decide upon the most invested leads to call. It is important for the sales team to know who opened your email, who clicked through an offer and who completed a required conversion.
Along with all the above metrics, a successive email campaign today also need to focus on behavioural email marketing that has the potential to unlock hidden values in users. Stay tuned with us to know more about email marketing and various other digital marketing techniques.


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