Is Twitter’s Lead Generation Card a solution to your business?

This is an age of tweeting where every single second people share what is the latest happening around the world. Twitter has become the most preferred platform for those who wish to stay updated with the latest news and events since it is the only platform that spread information in the fastest way.

Business Lead Generation

Business Lead Generation

Twitter has been a preferred choice of many marketers as well because of its huge audience.  There are approximately 271 million active Twitter users with 78% users accessing it on mobile, more than 3.5 billion tweets every week and more than 40 million users of Vine. Hence, there lies a great opportunity for many advertisers. They have been using this platform for a long time to attract the attention of their target audience through contests, promoted trends etc.

These activities have resulted into acquisition of followers. But for many organizations, acquisition of followers has never been an objective. The main focus of the marketing managers of these companies has been the generation of leads or prospects and hence they had their own apprehensions regarding using Twitter as a medium to generate leads. With the introduction of Twitter’s Lead Generation Card, these companies got the solution to their questions.

Lead Generation Card makes it possible for users to express interest to the offers made by companies in a tweet through a call-to-action button. So, this card provides a platform to users to introduce themselves as a prospect to companies. This strategy works in favour of advertisers because there is no push strategy by them; rather users themselves want to be contacted by the companies.

However, this engaging formula has its own flaws. Advertisers need to start the campaign with a minimum budget which might turn out to be expensive for many small and medium sized firms. Unlike Facebook, where advertisers can test and try with a small budget to see the performance, this cap of minimum budget might not be welcomed by many advertisers. For organizations with a good budget, Lead Generation Card can actually turn out to be a best solution for generating quality leads.

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