Channelizing LinkedIn Business Connection for Profitability

LinkedIn is quickly becoming a powerful lead generation tool for Indian B2B marketers and sales people. The statistics for LinkedIn usage and memberships are increasingly impressive and the tools and capabilities are becoming genuinely imagesuseful.

A study reveals that 81% of business decision makers use LinkedIn on a regular basis, lead generation at LinkedIn is 277% more successful than Face book and Twitter with the highest visitor to lead conversion rate at 2.74%. More than 45% new B2B users on website come from a LinkedIn company page having third party recommendation go a long way in attracting new business prospects and they are great in making an impression even before they reach your website. When you add your products and services to your company profile page, you give a chance to your customers and partners to give you a recommendation. Testimonials from happy customers act as a confidence booster for your company’s brand and reinforce quality of your products and services.

Here are some tips for generating genuine leads from LinkedIn:

1)      Take care to optimize your profile, pay attention to your blog and website description. Be as descriptive as possible.

2)      The power of LinkedIn group is key to developing new leads ; you can be a member of up to 50 groups. Start contributing to conversations, be helpful, and answer questions.

3)      Build connections using people you may know feature, it’s a great quick way to connect with tier 2 connections.

4)      Take advantage of advanced search options, it provides a much richer search experience.

5)      Use the company’s field to target a specific firm; it is a great tool to search for LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn marketing continues to pick up steam, as more and more businesses, particularly B2B business, realize the importance and value of creating a comprehensive strategy for one of the world’s largest social networks.

Whether you are looking to build a strong profile or you wish to hire new team members, today LinkedIn has become the social network of choice for the business community. LinkedIn offers several ways to build your professional network, brands and business reputation through your network as well as gain Valuable traffic back to your website. By answering questions or responding to threads, direct contributions to your company blog and website posts all increase site traffic and consequently conversions.

ADG Online Solution not only works superior with Web2.0 Technology but also pullout qualified conversions from social media networking hotspots like LinkedIn. ADG’s B2B lead generation service helps in drawing enhanced ROI based upon core business of client.

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