4 Ways of Augmenting your Content Marketing Efforts

4 Ways of Augmenting your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing has always been and will continue to be considered as the most effective tool for business to drive awareness for their brand. But Businesses also need to pace up their game in content marketing as Google and other search engines keep on refining their algorithms. So you need to ensure that you are putting right efforts to stand out from the increasing competition. Here are few tips that will help you in this regard.
1.Quality dominates quantity
First and the most important thing to understand is that quality should be emphasised more above quantity. More often, many entrepreneurs and small business owners fall for the belief that if they create long content chock-full of keywords, it will be sufficient to drive awareness and exposure. If they would have followed this in the early days of the Internet, it would have given good results but today this strategy is no longer successful. Google has made it abundantly clear it is looking for relevant, quality content.
So the content marketing goal should be to create quality content that readers want to read and give them a reason to return for more.
2.Leverage data to improve content marketing
Make sure you use data to drive your content marketing strategy. Brands today have number of tools at their disposal to dig out various data in order to use in their content marketing strategy. For example, after analyzing your data, you might realize that it is beneficial to post content on Wednesday showing higher engagement, than on Friday when everyone is getting ready for weekend.
So on the basis of your data, you could identify which topics are of higher interest among your audience creating high interaction and engagement. Content marketing is highly personal and variable when it comes to what works and what does not. The only and best way is to track and test. Several tools like Google and Bing webmaster, HootSuite and Twitter Analytics can help you in determining what type of content are generating more traffic.
3.Keep it pithy with infographics
Infographics are worth experimenting. As more businesses are busy producing an ever-increasing amount of content across a broad spectrum of blogs and social media channels, the attention of your audience is more divided than ever. Thereupon, you need to flow as much information as possible in a concise format. Inforgraphics are the best away to do that. Inforaphics in fact, has become a favoured content medium.
Also, this doesn’t mean that you should include infographic in every post you make. If you have not used this tool earlier, then it is preferable giving one try to see how it impacts your traffic.
4.Include the headlines
Last but definitely not the least; make sure you include headlines and sub headlines in your content. This will make your content more easily digestible. H1 and H2 tags are also heavily weighted in Google’s Panda algorithm, so they could support in improving your SEO.
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