Content Marketing Strategies to Boost your Sales Funnel

ADG-Content-Marketing-ServicesIt is an obvious fact that having a well planned, solid content marketing strategy is vital to both B2B and B2C organization. However, it is quite recent that B2B companies have started to comprehend the importance of a properly documented content marketing strategy. According to a annual report, “B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Budgets, Benchmarks, and Trends—North America”, from the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B organizations use content marketing while 42% organizations considered themselves competent and confident in running successful content marketing campaigns.

The conclusions observed from the study implies that as B2B companies leverage a better perspective on content marketing, the urge need to pursue a concrete content marketing plan becomes critical for businesses that aim to stand out from the race.

So, what is a content marketing strategy exactly?
A strategy involves clever decision and planning about the kind of target audience, the variety of content that your target audience and prospects would gain from and the mediums of content distribution that will assure that content is channelized effectively to the target audience. When your target audiences are a business that you are wishing to convert into a qualified lead, you need to make sure that content enough attention of them that should be enough to keep them engaged right from the lead generation to the lead nurturing phases of the cycle.

Here are four top content marketing strategies that B2B businesses can harness:

1. Research about your buyers:
Before you begin to propagate your blog with content or start sending out attractive newsletters, you must remember that in a B2B sale, it is not an individual that you’re pitching, but a group of professionals, each having their own role within a business. Therefore, identifying personas in a business are likely to influence the sales related decisions at every stage of the customer buying cycle. Targeting the right personas within a business is first step of gaining a prospective lead’s credibility in your brand.

2. Aligned Content
A well defined content strategy must ensure that your content marketing tactics should closely follow your prospective buyer’s way for a successful deal. Right from initializing brand awareness, eliciting interest, and closing the final purchase, B2B companies need to ensure that their content qualifies the needs of their buyers at each point in the consumer buying cycle. This means that before you begin creating and promoting your content online, it is very important to ensure that all your content is answering all the queries your buyer personas might be requiring at that particular stage, and your content shall actually reach them through the appropriate channels.

3. Update your blog – Personas love an alive blog:
The study announce by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) says that blogging is one of the 13 micro-strategy employed by 76% of organizations. Another study states that those B2B companies that keep updating their blogs generated 67% more leads than those that did not updated. Having an updated blog for your business is a foremost step in the right direction for drawing visitors to your website.

Social media has risen as the top content distribution tactic over the last year, with over 87% of companies positioning themselves out on multiple social media platforms with a target to connect with prospective consumer.

4. Recycle and Scale:
According to CMI’s study, some of the dominant challenges confront by B2B content marketers are the capability to produce fresh, unique, engaging content and to simmer them out on a daily basis. 69% of B2B organizations have also allege a lack of time as the major objection faced over the last few years.

There is no sure-fire model for building an effective content marketing strategy. Some strategies and micro-strategies will work well, while others will not. However, as long as you stick to them closely, you could be well doing business.

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