Decoding PPC for Demand Generation

ppc-agency-delhiCompeting amongst each other on the same webpage for the clicks is becoming a popular concept in digital advertising world. This concept is commonly known as Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click. Just like traditional media, wherein businesses buy physical space (print media) or time slot (broadcast media) under the concept of PPC, they buy space on web pages to earn maximum clicks that will direct traffic to their websites. As the name suggests the advertiser pay the publisher for each click. Due to its extreme acceptance and success in the market many SEM companies or digital agencies provides PPC services.

PPC implementation works through affiliate model which provides purchase offerings wherever people may be surfing. Affiliate partners are given incentives in the form of a portion of revenue if it generates sales for the business.

One of the most acceptable forms of PPC is search engine advertising that allows the visitors to bid for placing ads in sponsored links of search engine. When a keyword is punched by someone, which is related to your business offerings your ad might appear at the top spot on the Google result page. When a PPC is working correctly it can do magic for your business because visits on your website brought through PPC can be worth more than the amount you pay for those clicks. Steps to be followed:

  • Analyze website
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

It takes a lot to frame a PPC campaign, firstly researching and selecting right keywords, then harmonizing those keywords into appropriately & skilfully organized campaigns and ad groups, lastly setting up PPC landing pages that are optimized for the purpose of conversions. If you do your PPC campaign intelligently, you can even get rewards. If users find your ads satisfactory and useful, Google charges you less for each click thus increasing your business profits. So before beginning with PPC marketing you need to have a clear understanding of doing it in a right manner.

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The single most renowned PPC advertising system in the world is Google AdWords that enables businesses to create ads that can be viewed on Google’s search engine and other properties. When a search is initiated, Google from its pool of AdWords Advertisers choose a set of privileged ones based on certain combination of factors (size of their keyword bids, keywords or ad campaign relevance) to show up in the ad space on its search results page.

Monitoring PPC campaign

Whether your CPC campaign is run inbound or outsourced to outside agency it is equally important to monitor the campaign. For this PPC reporting is essential offering an overview of performance. Key components of reporting include Key Performance Indicators, Impressions and Clicks, Conversions, Test Data, Problems and Red Flags, Trends and Analysis.

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