Do’s and Don’ts of Following Someone on Twitter

Twitter-Marketing-ServicesBuilding up a strong community over your niche targeted Audience will boosts your business and more coverage rich traffic to you website. A random approach of following anybody who follows you back or shopping for followers will surely end up in hurting own value proposition along with time and money. The need of the hour is to connect with right people who will add values to your community that you desire to build. Just go through closely with the 3 points while Using Twitter for your business.

 1. Is your customers fits to the same niche as of you?

The foremost place to check for your niche audience is Profile description. Thoroughly cross check user profiles to confirm whether the people share similar interest as of your business. Tweets, pictures, and websites are the indicators where you can confirm people’s validity to be in your follower list. These indicators conveys much about you niche audience.

2. How to get Follow back?

In case number of followers and following look same then there is higher probability of getting a follow back. As suggested earlier too, just make assure that twitter user belong to same niche you are looking for and consider other factors such as user must engage with other twitter profiles, ensure that their tweets make sense with your business values and last not the least thing check whether user’s active status. Beware of the profile which says” I Follow Back” or some similar profile using hashtags #followback. Usually what happens is people succeed to gather good number following but hardly get any retweets or favorites because they are connected with such accounts which only follows profiles but don’t perform any activity. Therefore you must avoid this completely to get disappointment only at the end. Instead, utilize your time in getting more genuine profile on Twitter and know trending hashtags while tweeting. This way you can let your social media marketing strategy succeed in competition.

3. What is the effect of following user on News Feed?

Generally following accounts of both brands and personalities related to your niche are going to worth following even in case you don’t get a follow back from their side too. The reasons are quite obvious because following these brands or personalities helps you maintaining repository of important update sand information in your news feed. Doing this will get you some of the best tweets in news feed and also let others know that you exist and have something valuable to share with your niche category. Having updates of latest news of your interest or domain will help your followers to get latest feeds which results in re tweets and favorites. One more reason to look in someone’s news feed is that you will have a clear idea of what to expect in your news feed in fact the kind of interest category you wish to see in your news feed. If some one’s content does not adds value to your content then it’s not worth of following them. Therefore, strategy of just posting something doesn’t work on twitter; you will have to put daily efforts with some variations in creativity to bring more visitors to your website or page. Actually it is continuous daily effort of following, re tweeting and tweeting that is going to extract results from your social media marketing efforts.

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