Drive Better Results for Your Business with Gamification

gamification-marketingGames are not just for fun, they can help you boost your business. You don’t believe me? This article will help you know how.

Today let’s talk about Gamification a digital marketing technique which is gaining increased popularity & becoming a super trend among marketers. It is the use of game mechanics & game design techniques in non-game context as way to increase engagement & self contribution of users, define their behaviour and even to retain employees. It makes use of certain mechanics, some commonly used of them are:

  • Points- It measures a user’s achievements in relation to others. E.g. double as currency to exchange for rewards.
  • Badges- It is a way of rewarding achievements visually.
  • Levels- It is a way to motivate users to unlock next level and get rewards.
  • Leader boards- As the name suggests, here the players are organised as per their ranks.
  • Challenges- In this user engagement is encouraged by offering them specific tasks to complete.

These mechanics can help a business in increasing revenue to an expectation of 2-4% in the first month of use itself. Also the click thru rate on a product information site increases to almost 68% & time on site jumped 250% after introduction of a unified gamification design. However businesses need to define their objectives clearly because 80% of gamified applications fail because of poorly defined business objective.  You want to know the formula of this simplest strategy for engagement, here’s it:

Know Who Your Players are

Yes players, you might name them as participants, users, people, employees and other concerned ones, but when you are gamifying think and treat them as players. Understand and know their gaming style, and make your business fun for them.

Know Your Business

The game you design and the field you serve need to be directed towards your company’s success. Once you have understood how your player’s want to play, you can coordinate your business to their goals.

Let Your Players Set Goals

Players are generally very serious about winning every game and moving to next level. Make sure that your players get well versed with the challenges & missions you have laid out for them to lead to the victory- if they have achieved all the little levels in between.

Make it Social

People love to get social. Highlight their achievements on social media, allow them to compete with someone, make sure they have someone in opposition to compete; this will make the game interesting for them.

Raise the Game to all New Level

Don’t let the game run the same way forever. That will make your players lose interest from it. Watch how your players play and come up with new ideas to cultivate the game & keep players engaged.

All these may seem worthless but believe it or not sales claimed double for fortune 500 products manufacturers in first 5 months after gamification. And further this marketing technique is predicted to grow to 68.4% by 2018. Even we at ADG Online Solutions are adopting this technique for our clients and outcomes are very fruitful. So what are you waiting for hurry & add gamification to your online marketing campaign.

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