Effective ORM to Bolster User Confidence

Effective ORM to Bolster User Confidence

We talk a lot about Online Reputation Management, indeed it’s very important. As today’s organizations and individuals are at the mercy of 24/7 internet media. Unflattering news, reviews, pictures, and even outright lies can be posted instantaneously and dispersed throughout the online world swiftly. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a positive awareness about a brand and further maintaining the online reputation. And just like in the physical environment reputation is all a business really has online also it is a top priority.
Little information below will further clarify as to why it should be a top priority not just for brands but for individuals as well:
• 80% of adults are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ more likely to consider buying products recommended by real-world friends and family.
• 78% of executive recruiters routinely use search engines to learn more about candidates, and 35% have eliminated candidates based on the information they found.
• 87% believe the CEO’s reputation is an important part of company’s reputation.
• 90% of consumers trust recommendations from others.
• 83% of companies will face a crisis that will negatively impact their share price between 20% and 30%, during the next five years.
In an environment such as the internet, where content can be posted anonymously to a large audience, the results can really hurt ones online reputation. Consumers today conduct extensive research on companies and products before making a purchase decision so it is imperative to have goodwill. They rely on the content they find as the most relevant content the internet has to offer and more specifically the content found on the first page of search engine. Some more information that you may find beneficial:
• 70% of consumers consult reviews or ratings before purchasing.
• Of consumers traffic to the top 10 review sites grew on an average 158% last year.
• 97% of consumers who made a purchase based on an online review found the review to be accurate.
• 51% of consumers use the internet even before making a purchase in shops.
• 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trust unknown users, 27% trust experts, 14% trust advertising, 8% trust celebrities.
• 75% of people don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements.
This makes clear the reason behind the rising emphasis on participating in online marketing strategies in the hopes of protecting their company reputation from negative bloggers, ranking postings, and even defamatory content submitted anonymously from business competitors.

A reputation that once strong can be blemished overnight. Go ahead determine the problem, take steps to eliminate it. You can take a comprehensive approach to make your reputation strong. It can either be handled in-house or you can hire an online reputation management firm. In our previous blogs we have discussed various key reputation techniques recommended and employed.
While mistakes are bound to happen on occasion, it is crucial for a business and website owner to do all the possible things to avoid them. Monitor your online image by setting up alerts and tracking social media on daily basis. For efficient results timing is very important. There are very high possibilities of nipping problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. It’s when an issue is repeatedly ignored that bigger issues and negative reputation develop.
We hope that now you got an answer to why is online reputation management important? It assures marketing stability, protects against unchecked disparage, and most significantly, allows a company to portray its best face forward in the digital world.


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