Effective Programmatic Buying in 2015

Effective Programmatic Buying in 2015

With the objective of connecting with right people at right time, more and more brands are gripping upon programmatic buying to deliver relative and engaging experience, ultimately earn brand preference. Brands spend a great deal of time to understand people’s motivation – what drives them. But the question rises as to how do brands make sure they are reaching right audience at right time? This is where programmatic buying to a sufficient extent comes into action. Below are few suggestions that brands should consider as they begin to implement programmatic buying:

1. Measure what’s relevant

Improvements in measurement are helping move marketers closer to meaningful brand metrics. Now they can understand if the ads were seen and if they reached right people. They can even know what people thought about their ads and if it changed their perceptions and finally they have an insight into what people did as a result of seeing their ads. All these advancement in measurements are becoming brand’s strength. Recent Google research shows, among other things, that 56.1% of all served ad impressions are not seen. Metrics are of no significance if ad impressions are nil.

A new metric, the viewable impression, now provides marketers better insight into ad impressions. Being able to measure programmatic buys based on this metric means that your ads will really have a chance to make an impact.
View ability is having a profound effect on ads and has quickly become the central metric for brand advertisers online.

2. Make Inventory quality your Priority

With programmatic buying, brands have access to vast amount of inventory, data and targeting. Also eMarketers predict that 83% of all display buys will be programmatic by 2017. As the number rise, inventory quality will become even more of a priority as brands strive to get the content and context right. Major innovations in areas like verification and fraud detection are helping in rectifying many traditional quality issues, and verification solutions will particularly protect both their brand and budget by ensuring that inventory is placed safely. One new trend that is gaining importance among big publishers, where in they use private marketplaces and programmatic direct buys to sell their inventory. This means a more premium inventory are available programmatically and brands want to buy from a myriad of options to ensure they reach people in brand safe environment.

3. Allocate budget to mobile media buying

With increasing number of consumers constantly connected over mobile, marketers need to reach and engage over mobile devices. Online media buying reach across screens, channels and formats to connect with people, wherever they are. Further, a large amount of creative flexibility now exists in digital advertising, brands can do same type of ads that can be done on web page- embed a game, show a video and more. With the support of HTML5, these capabilities are not just limited to desktop; ads can be created for any screen, giving brands the opportunity to reach consumers wherever they are.

We are also witnessing extensive growth in video. In 2014 four time growth was seen in the number of impressions for videos transacted programmatically. Programmatic videos can be much more powerful because brands are able to reach the right audience.

Programmatic buying in 2015 delivering brand love

Online Media buying technology has created a way for brands to establish deeper connections with their audiences by helping them delivering right ad to right consumers on any screen type and in any channel. Brands can now measure the ‘Viewability’ of ads and buy impressions based on this metric while ensuring that their ads are placed in safe environment. Brands reaching the success in 2015 will be those that will think beyond formats and platforms and leverage the strength of programmatic to understand their consumer behaviour and deliver compelling creative which consumers want to see. Check out our post “How to go about programmatic media buying” to know the process of online media buying.


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