Enrich Your Customer’s Intellect via Advertorials

Enrich Your Customer’s Intellect via Advertorials

In today’s competitive marketplace it’s not only important to make your audience aware about your product or service but also to get them to anticipate it. For this purpose marketers are building well-timed and efficiently placed Advertorials. It is not a new concept infact it’s a popular inbound marketing medium. Brands place them in blogs and various websites as a promotional activity that has added value for the users. These are integrated so surreptitiously into the relative websites that there is a seamless transition between it and the rest of the content. You can assume it same as infomercials are to T.V.
Advertisement + Editorials together make Advertorial. It is an advertisement taking the form of editorial content and is written in such a way that it looks like a regular article. They are meant to beguile readers by showing it to be legitimate, unbiased content. They are different from traditional advertising in a way that the content imitates real editorial content, but serves to fulfil the same goal for brand.
This combination achieves reach, presence, brand awareness and in optimal cases even the conversions. In addition, its use also creates a community of interested users who can be nurtured into customers with much more ease as compared to other methods. This inbound marketing method is much more cost-friendly when compared to outbound marketing methods despite their superior effectiveness.
The most favourable thing about them is that they come across as an impartial third party article about one’s product or service or any cause. And it is also the reason why people perceive these advertorials to be trustworthy and credible. The length of a standard advertorial is 500-750 words; written casually in a reader-friendly style. The ones that are designed with an objective of generating leads consist of a link at the bottom that will take you to the landing page.
There are several factors that will help you determine how you can create an effective advertorial like one must study well about the publication in which ads are to be placed, sufficient inquiry about the advertorial policy, size (as described above), study the title, opening and body, know the audience, revolve your content around a story, identify what can annoy the readers, build it as a solution to the problem, end with happiness and at last add a call to action.
Companies not only use it for pre-launch activities but also use it post-launch and can be used as an effective tool for reputation management. They are adequate at breaking through the disorder because they are the solution for companies that don’t wish to go through the peer-review process, yet still want to spread a message through blogs and websites that their target audience may read or visit.
So today we discussed about one more online marketing tool that can add efficiency to your marketing activities and bring you customers. Keep reading our articles to stay updated with existing, emerging and upcoming digital marketing trends.


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