Ever heard of the Social Media Workout, Here’s a sneak peek

Ever heard of the Social Media Workout, Here’s a sneak peek

Regularity and balance is the name of the game for profound social media; any fitness enthusiastic will say that regular exercising is way better and effective than irregular intense exercising once or twice a week. The same holds true for social media devoting half an hour to it every day will benefit you more than three hours once a week.

Here’s a regular half an hour social media workout that would help any marketer grow and engage their audience and gain influence in their targeted section. So this is how you can go about it:

Starting with the Warm Up – Study your audience and define social platforms you should have a presence on

• Make sure your audience on social media matches the audience that visits your site and converts. The best tool to check this is Google Analytics.

• Define the best social platforms for your brand; BuzzSumo is another tool that can help you find the best social platforms for your particular target. Pick one of your most popular keywords and click “Search.” You’ll see a list of the most popular articles and social signals from these top five social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pin interest. Take a look at the number of social shares on each of the five platforms. If the posts have tenfold more shares on Facebook, than on Twitter the solution is obvious – create a Facebook profile and start growing your presence there!

Stepping down to Exercising: Start with some researching and surfing.Begin your daily social media workout by finding out what’s going on in your social media industry.

Follow industry updates: Social media is a very dynamic industry, so you need to stay current if you don’t want to be left behind! An indispensable tool for discovering industry-specific content is Feedly. It allows you to add relevant blogs and news portals to your account, keeping them all in one place and making it easy to follow industry trends. Feedly is also a great tool for content curation, you can share any post right away and integrate it with Buffer, Hootsuite and other tools.

• Keep an eye on the competition

To find out how your competitors implement their social media management and to compare your strategy with theirs, you can use the SEMrush Social Media Tool. It allows you to compare your social media accounts with competitors’ by these key metrics: Audience, Activity, Engagement and Engagement Rate. What’s more, with this tool you can get a detailed list of all of your competitors’ social media activities.
For a quick analysis of multiple social networks, try the free reports by Simply Measured.

• Monitor brand mentions

Use Mention to reveal more brand mentions on Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, you can set the language in which you want to track mentions, which is very handy for local brands operating in non-English-speaking markets. To find brand mentions in Twitter, take the advantage of the Advanced Search feature.

Content curation can help both you discover incredible pieces that you can immediately share with your audience and use to generate new ideas for original posts. With tools like Klout, Content Gems and Curata, this process becomes very simple. Use Ever note to write down ideas for your future posts.

Schedule your posts in advance. Post at least five times a day on Twitter. The best frequency for Facebook and Google+ is up to three to four posts per day. When it comes to LinkedIn, one post per day during the work week will be enough.

Tools to use: Buffer or Hootsuite. These are the two most popular tools for scheduling your social media updates; both have free versions with limited functionality. Once you register, make sure to check their Chrome extensions, which will help you share a post from any website right away.

What to include in a social media post: Brainstorm catchy headlines. A good headline can boost your post, while a poor one can drive your audience away. So pay special attention to your headlines. Start tagging.
Communicate:Grow your audience. Connect with 50-100 new people in your industry daily. Find and follow new people, identify and reach out to influencers in your niche. One of the best free tools I know is Crowdfire, which helps marketers grow their community on Twitter and Instagram.

Relax & Cool Down – Analyze your results: To understand whether you’re on the right track with your main goals, you need to constantly review and analyze your results. So after accomplishing your daily social media workout, finish out your day by checking out the key metrics for each of your updates –likes and shares, link clicks, audience demographics and whatever else you find useful. Use SumAll to track your progress; this free tool includes an awesome daily email that provides extensive information – and you don’t even have to leave your mailbox to get it.


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