Facebook Ads: Do’s and Don’ts for Marketers

In our previous blog, we had discussed about the appropriate targeting strategy for Facebook Ads. In this blog, we are going to extend this topic further and will discuss few points to keep in mind while setting up the Facebook ad campaign.


  1. Define Target Audience

It is very important to correctly define who your target audience is and to select the demographics and other parameters properly to avoid any spillovers in ad impressions. Until you know who you want to reach, you will wander directionless.

  1. Narrow approach

While setting up the campaign, make sure you select locations or geography, interests etc. keeping your target audience in mind. Sometimes it might be a great idea to run your ad in fewer cities where your target audience resides (say tier 1 cities for an exclusive premium make up brand) rather than running it in entire India.

  1. Clear message communication

Make sure that the message which you are sending across is clearly defined and communicated through the images and description in ads.

  1. Stand apart from competition

See how you can distinguish yourself from what everyone is doing because people are tired of watching same ‘sales’ and ‘offer’ ads. Don’t do different things. Just do things differently.

  1. Try A/B testing

If you want to know which kind of approach, messaging and graphics are liked by your target audience, then you can run two or three different ads to find out which performs better in getting maximum engagement.

Strict NOs

  1. Don’t follow herd of sheep

Make sure that you select this platform only when it fits with the objective of your campaign. Facebook ads are not the only solution to all your campaign objectives. Don’t do it just because others are doing it.

  1. Don’t exceed bid

It is a very bad idea to bid average CPC over and above the suggested bid thinking that it will result in priority by Facebook for your ad. Facebook runs ad on its own algorithm and trying to act smart might backfire sometimes.

  1. Don’t copy blindly

It is good to take inspiration from campaign and ad ideas of your competitors but make sure that inspiration doesn’t result in to direct copy of ideas. What works for your competitor might not work for you. So pick up few good points and execute the campaign with your originality as well.


These points are very basic but sometimes campaign managers overlook these points which can result in wastage of efforts, resources, investment & time and ultimately the failure of campaign.

Do share your experience after following these points and let us know how it created a difference in your ad campaign.

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