Flipboard flipping market scenario

15Oct (1)Have you ever heard of flipboard, but you are not quite sure what is it? Have you wondered how to use flipboard to promote your business? According to flipboard, “it is your personal magazine, filled with things you care about, catch up the news, and discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to people closest to you-all in one place”

Flipboard does this by aggregating information from your social feeds, rss feeds, and other partner website and then presents it to you on your mobile device. The content is delivered in a magazine format that you can literally flip with your finger. It has an amazing ability to make even the most in significant image look exciting.

For a small business Flipboard can serve as potential tool for challenging powerful competitors. All of the magazines produced by the platform have the same high quality look and feel so any content you publish will be sleek and professional.

You can use Flipboard to:

1)      Publish your content: 

Flipboard can aggregate social media feeds, blogs, and even website content into its highly visual magazines. You can share Flipboard content with your existing customers and subscribers on social media, your website, through your email lists, and more.

2)      Create a magazine:

Creating a magazine with Flipboard that includes from prominent sources in your field, alongside your own content, can give you a boost in expert credibility, and net you exposure to potential customers.

3)      Tell a story:

You can use flipboard to create a magazine that tells a story about your company, your product or an upcoming or past event. Aggregate content that contributes the story you want to tell, such as customer’s feedback, blog post, or demo videos.

4)      Monitor and track your competitors:

The magazines in Flipboard can be made public or kept private. You can keep a closer eye on your competitors, by creating a private you can keep a closer eye on your competitors.

Flipboard adds other dimensions to your content on a web that craves stunning images and photos. From the famous to just the fabulously obsessed, flipboard users from all over the world have made their own unique magazine. ADG Online Solutions is a front runner in adapting to the dynamics digital marketing scenario by continuously innovating and experimenting with latest trends and techniques, Flipboard being one of them. For more details about services logon to   www.adgonline.in

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