Getting little familiar with the ‘Power Tool’: Google Analytics

Getting little familiar with the ‘Power Tool’: Google Analytics

John Brunner rightly pointed out a thing about technology that “It’s supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.” This statement completely says it all, we know the technology exits but we need to know the correct way to operate it, to get the desired results. One among the free, best technological data analysis tools available on web today is Google Analytics. When you login to a Google Analytics account, the first look can be daunting and you might scratch your head & feel puzzled. Within that spur of moment you might feel the tool little difficult to understand & decode. In this blog, we will share few important not to miss metrics that every tech-savvy should keep in mind while making the best use of Google Analytics.

An important point to remember before we start, you must make sure you are using Analytics 5 or the Latest Version.
Visitors/Traffic: Keeping a tap at visitor’s number, is one of the most crucial aspect to follow among all. Initially, finding out how your website is being used and to improve it accordingly, starts with analyzing the visitors.
What All Matters?

Knowing all from A-Z about your visitor is highly important.

• Details about who was the visitor?

• How long did the person spent on the site?

• How many pages did he click on before leaving?

All such points can give valuable insights to improve your subscription or checkout process. You can easily gauge & analyses the visitor’s behavior towards your website.
This Visitor Analysis will give you a synopsis of data including:
• Visits

• Unique Visitors

• Pages per Visit

• Average time on site

• Bounce Rate

Being the top key factors, each of them holds its own distinct effect. Visitor analytics does help but it’s you who needs to decide what factors really affect your business.
Sources: Next thing that matters while using this tool is analyzing the hideout of your visitor. The source of your traffic defines your growth, based on the fact whether or not you are able to target your main audience. Usually for a new website most traffic comes from branded search, paid advertising or direct type-in. What now?

After implementing optimized changes, you can experience increased organic visits. Slowly, as you achieve more organic rankings for those keyword phrases, your organic reach will shoot up, giving you an opportunity to decrease your paid advertising.

The starting point to gain insight, as to how people will find your website is traffic sources overview report. You can look to the pie chart for reference.
Use the extracted Traffic Source report efficiently because this will help you determine the worth of a directory listing and your paid advertisings.