Give a Social Launch Pad to Your Mobile Apps

mobile-marketing-via-social-mediaMost of the people are using Android/IOS smart phones today with so many apps to keep them entertained. This is why the mobile applications market is becoming increasingly competitive. So it may be a challenging task for the marketers to make their applications stand out of crowd and requires extra efforts and out of box thinking. In such an intense competitive environment Social Media serves as a saviour for the marketers.

Smart marketing on Social Media platforms can make a huge difference. As per a mobile advertising measurement report social media is one of the best channels to market an app and analysts also observed that it lead to improvement in three crucial metrics for application marketing campaigns these are user quality, conversion rate and volume. Having a presence on such platforms not only boosts the popularity and download stats but also retain the existing app users. However the marketers need to be alert so it does not become a victim of any trap on social media who are in wait of harming an app’s popularity. So below are some of the strategies for app marketers to safeguard themselves from any social network pitfalls:

 1. Setting up clear strategies

The first thing any marketer ought to make sure is effective and clearly spelt out social media marketing strategies because not having one may negatively affect your beautifully designed android app. Not every social network are same, they have different audience, custom and language so manipulate your message across all platforms. Example Linkedin is professional network so a message which is populated on Facebook , which is an informal social network, may not work on Linkedin.

 2. Engage and Listen

There is no dearth of apps hitting the play store regularly and battling to grab user’s attention on social media. With such a competition no app can gain popularity just by posting & tweeting everyday rather marketers need to undertake activities and discussions that encourage engagement of their social followers. Being a marketer make efforts to connect personally and throw a good impression on your followers. Users want to feel valued; if they behave positively towards your app they are most likely to switch as a user of your app. You can gain their loyalty by setting up a listening mechanism. Listen and reply to their messages and comments. The major focus should be on harnessing relationships so that they switch from app loyalist to app advocates.

 3. Leverage the power of hashtag for successful campaign

Hashtag is a social tactic that can bring numerous users for an app if used correctly. So being a marketer keep few things in mind to turn the stones in your favour otherwise outcomes may suffer, these are as follows:-

  • Make a choice of unique and actionable hashtag
  • Develop anticipation
  • Let your followers know you are engaging with and listening to them.

 4. Measure KPIs and ROI

For improvement marketers must measure the Key Performance Indicators and Return on Investments. This will help you stay in direction of your goals and indicate you about changes that are required to be made in your social media marketing strategies. Several monitoring tools are available to review and revise the performance of your campaign and keep you on right track.

To conclude I would just say that keep such factors in mind while marketing your app on social channels and make an effort to encourage your followers to click and download your app on their Android/I phones. At ADG Online solutions, the team understands that mobile marketing and mobile apps are the latest trend and future of digital marketing, so if you want your app to be promoted efficiently on all platforms then ADG is a one stop shop for all your digital marketing campaigns.

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