How Content Compliments SEO for Greater Visibility

How Content Compliments SEO for Greater Visibility

Do you still think of SEO as purely metadata sets, or on-page key phrases, it’s high time to move forward and get yourself introduces to a lot more sophisticated methods of SEO. And a much more holistic approach is required.
The most pleasing thing about SEO today is that it requires an ethical approach that means transparent, honest, and truly helpful content for marketing is necessary. In this way content marketing has become an essential element for effective SEO and compliments it for greater visibility. Search engine’s improved algorithms and techniques support in catching and penalizing the cyber wrong-doers.
Robots will read entire story
Although certain traditional techniques of SEO like key phrase placement and alt attribute application are still valid, search engine crawl technology has emerged to a level where robots interpret your content in a unique way which is not at all similar to the previous times. These robots can now ‘read’ your textual and visual content and also analyse link structures with the help of which they make sense of the flow of web pages.
This means now your website’s complete structure will be analysed thoroughly and entire story will be read. In case any gaps are found in that story, it will going to impact your search return performance.
Everything Counts
Not only the individual pieces of marketing content should be created carefully but it is also the entire structure of the site that matters. So as the head says everything counts from your content structure to navigation, tag descriptions and to link structures all are scrutinised during crawl.
So to match this high-level scrutiny efforts are required to be made on delivering well-structured, accessible and high-quality content. The kind of content which people would want to share with their peers and when they do, this sharing will be detected which will further improve your search ranking.
Disregard at your peril
Search engines consider and reward those websites which deliver well created content that is readily accessible in a logically structured web world. So the better you website, the greater the reward in terms of visibility and above all the better the user experience.
But beware; robots will look for inconsistencies in inbound links, navigation and headings in relation to actual page. This means that if any misleading thing is found in inbound links or on-site navigation, your ranking will get negatively affected. So you better keep it right.
Keep it accessible
Many agency-side people in the digital market seem to suffer with issues like including links that cause site visitors to leave their website to view off-site knowledge bases or other digital resources. But it may be short-sighted. If your website structure has been properly developed, the navigation factor is high with helpful, accessible content, transparent and ethical marketing communication then there is nothing to get afraid of. That is because search engine will reward you with greater visibility and visitors will reward you by revisiting. Search robots may not analyse the website structure as we do but they do understand right and wrong pretty much like human.


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