How to Escape Mobile Ad frauds

How to Escape Mobile Ad frauds

Before beginning with today’s blog, let’s see some figures revealed from a study a by US-based mobile marketing company Tune:

•India represents 7.4 per cent of the world’s mobile app ad clicks, which is a 164.3 per cent increase in one year.

•In India, 5.5 per cent of the consumers installed an app after clicking on ad, which represents a 139.13 per cent increase in one year

•India is the fastest growing region compared to markets like Europe, North America and APAC for in-app spending.

This suggests quite clearly the growing market of mobile ads in India. But, at the same time this also raises a serious concern for those who are operating in mobile advertising market place. You will have to address the issue of mobile ad fraud. With the growth of mobile ad budgets, sophisticated scammers are seeing a new lucrative opportunity in mobile Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising.

First, your conversion rates are crucially important to your success. If publisher report many clicks, and you still see few downloads, it could be that something is amiss. There can be two possibilities in this case, perhaps the clicks were purely accidental and in that situation these publishers might be best avoided for placing your ads poorly. But in the worst case scenario, these clicks could be fraudulent.

Second, tracking your ad campaigns and testing for click frauds is essential in order to know if there are any publisher that need to be blacklisted. Fraudsters do their work by simulating and reporting false clicks.
Much of the mobile ad frauds detected comes from non-mobile traffic. This means fraudsters are using virtual machines or desktop devices to spoof mobile behaviour. Below are few tips on what you can do to help win the battle against mobile ad frauds.

1.Pick a reputable ad fraud detection company: There are many of them and are well equipped with all tools to help immediately. You might look for some inexpensive ways but it makes more sense to spend a little money to ensure that what you are buying or selling s fraud free.

2.Do not assume that this is someone else’s problem: Mobile ad fraud is something that can bruise your bottom line and your company’s reputation. Unless you take proactive steps to combat it, it’s not going to leave.

3.Monitor the activities in real time: fraudsters are not static, so only real-time monitoring will give you a realistic view of what is going on.

4.Demand full transparency from your ad fraud detection partner: You want to know when they are seeing mobile ad fraud and why. For this reporting should be data-driven and granular. It should not be closed format of just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ fraud opinion. This will help you in understanding why your ad fraud partner is determining a source as fraudulent or non-fraudulent. And will also arm you with the data you need to be able to get appropriate charge backs.

5.Keep on learning: This seems to be a very generic tip but part of the appeal of mobile media is the rich set of data you can fetch that can guide you to continuous improvements. For this, it is suggested to constantly monitor your campaign to analyze all placements and programs.


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