How to revise your demand generation strategy

Generating demand is a holistic activity that spans the buyer life cycle. It is not a single tactic at the top or bottom of sales funnel. Marketing expert indicates that 80-90% of prospects who engage with a brand are not ready to buy for initial one year. It is very important for today’s marketers to educate buyers and nurture the relationship to maximize customeronline-lead-generation-ths’ lifetime value. Below are some suggestions for marketers to revise their demand generation strategy.

  1. Educating the buyer: It is very vital to provide the customer the right information at the right time to propel the buying process forward as efficiently as possible.
  2. Optimizing the marketing /sales funnel: Ensuring that the combination of marketing and sales interactions ultimately converts demand potential into revenue as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
  3. Nurturing the relationship between buyer and company/brand: Understanding that modern buyers ever more don’t need a sales person between you and your company/brand, but yet they still need to have a relationship with you.
  4. Qualifying the leads: Fora successful campaign or program it is essential to qualify the information to be shared regarding the product or service, every potential lead should be religiously followed upon.


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