Know how to Grow Your Audience via Pinterest!

Know how to Grow Your Audience via Pinterest!

Pin more often, consistently and frequently
Apt timing is highly important when it comes to extending the reach to global audiences, it’s often better to spread your content out over a span of the whole 24 hours so that you don’t miss out on people in other time zones. This exposes you to more audience more frequently and often leads to more pins, shares, and comments as a result. Experts recommend pinning as much as 15-20 times a day, but if you’re a small company or brand, it’s better to pick a lower number and stay consistent than to do higher numbers.

Good Quality Images leave bigger impact


The most important task is finding the one perfect Pinterest picture that encompasses all the elements of a popular Pinterest image. So, what makes a perfect Pinterest image? Keep in mind these points: No human faces, little background, multiple colors, lots of red, moderate light and color and portrait style.
You are not going to be able to create the perfect Pinterest image but incorporating these points and you’ll frequently be able to create a viral one.

Optimize your pins and boards, make descriptions keyword-rich


Pinterest is different unlike Twitter and Facebook where content is shared quickly, read quickly, and disappears quickly, Pinterest boards stay relevant almost anytime. What this means is while you may create a board and pin an image today, it may still be relevant to readers, especially new ones, months and even years from now. Pinterest boards are tagged with keywords and that the descriptions themselves are keyword-rich and specific.
Confirm Your Website

Confirming your website on Pinterest can be a good first step in building trust with your new audience. You create brand awareness through this step, you’ll be able to see your logo or profile picture on Pins that people saved from your site. You’ll also have access to web analytics in Pinterest Analytics.
Start Using Rich Pins

There are six types of rich pins:

1. App Pins include an install button, so Pinners can download your app without ever leaving Pinterest.

2. Movie Pins include ratings, cast members and reviews to help Pinners learn about new flicks.

3. Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info to get Pinterest cooks excited to hit the kitchen.

4. Article Pins include headline, author and story description, helping Pinners find and save stories that matter to them.

5. Product Pins include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy. Pinners may also get notifications when prices drop more than 10%.

6. Place Pins include a map, address, and phone number.

Rich pins are a fantastic way to have your content stand out amongst the rest of the Pinterest crowd and give your products a bit of visibility and boost. Pinterest users can interact with or buy your products right from Pinterest itself.

Optimize Your Website to be Pinterest Friendly


This will help fellow pinners, after you start getting traffic on Pinterest; take steps to make your website Pinterest-optimized. The more you tell people about your Pinterest presence, the more likely they are to check you out there and follow you. Even regular Pinterest users need to be reminded, sometimes, of what you’re doing on Pinterest and doing so will encourage them to repin your content, as well as share and comment more.
Build a Community

Just like all other social networks, your brand on Pinterest will grow in proportion to the effort you put in towards becoming a part of the community. A good way to start doing this is by following other boards in your niche and forming relationships with the people and contributors behind them.

These simple ways can easily help you engage more and more audience via Pinterest, making the best use of the social media platform.


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