Mobile SEO: Prompting Facts for Digital Marketers

Mobile SEO: Prompting Facts for Digital Marketers

World has gone mobile, everywhere we see people hooked up on their smartphones or a gadget. Why wouldn’t they do so? Especially when smartphones has the capabilities of a personal computer where in almost every transaction can be easily done online.
These trends are the clear indication of how the world has truly gone mobile, with smartphones and tablets becoming equally primary media channel as laptops and desktops for getting all kind of information.
Also these facts indicate business owners and marketers to shift from traditional marketing and concentrate their efforts on mobile marketing. SEO is indomitable in digital marketing and is expanding beyond boundaries by integrating mobile channels into the mix.
Having a mobile-friendly site is just the beginning. Digital marketers can learn more about Mobile Marketing through these facts and figures that can in kicking your Mobile SEO initiatives.
1. Major Part of Search Goes Mobile
Mobile devices are becoming the primary search tool of choice; with as much as 50% of search users begin their search with a mobile device, with numbers going up to 88% if the search is related to a local business or establishment. And now Google has also initiated on rewarding mobile-friendly sites with improved ranking.
2. Mobile Traffic will Overtake Desktop
Earlier in 2012 it was predicted that mobile will overtake desktop in online trafiic by the year 2014. Well that prediction came true with mobile usage overtaking desktop. Mobile traffic is growing at an unprecedented 125% rate which is higher than the 12% growth posted from desktop traffic.
3. Mobile SEO and Local Intent
When mobile users intend to make an in-store purchase, 50% search for a local business using their mobile devices according to new research from Google. This also indicate that as much as 50% of these mobile users will then proceed and visit the store they searched online within the same day. Further it is reported that 81% of smartphone users searched information about a product or service they want through their smartphones. These figures bode well for businesses targeting a local audience as they can capitalize on power of local mobile SEO.
4. SEO and the Mobile-Only-User
Mobile-only internet usage is showing an upward trend, keeping this in mind digital marketers should go for Mobile SEO campaign.
5. Buying Behaviour and Mobile SEO
Another thing reported by comScore is that as high as 66% of the time spent on online retailing is done through smartphones or tablets, persuading business owners and digital marketers to this this into consideration while they roll out their Mobile SEO strategy.
6. Mobile SEO and User Experience
Mobile SEO has caught a good grip in 2014 and is expected to perform more in coming years. Key to Mobile SEO success lies in how you can provide excellent mobile experience to targeted audience as they browse through your websites on their smartphones and tablets. This can be enhanced through several factors like- ease of navigation and clean design, fast loading sites with clear call-to-action, easily digestible content Responsive website.
7. Responsive Web design and Mobile SEO
As described above, great user experience can be delivered through a responsive design. This configuration is considered an industry best practice by Google, and when this internet pillar speaks, everyone should listen. A responsive design allows websites to be used on every kind screen.
8. Conversational Search and Mobile SEO
Conversational search technology is a new medium which came into being with the advent of smartphones. For an example Google’s voice search and Apple’s Siri. The growth of conversational search is likely to be parallel with that of smartphone sales.
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We can conclude that Mobile SEO is here to stay and would overtake the whole digital market in the years to come. It is the future of SEO and digital marketers should now start streamlining their overall SEO efforts to target mobile users specifically and get their businesses ready for such an audience.


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