New Buzz in Digital Media- Data-Driven Marketing

data-driven-marketingMarketing have always involved both art & technology as critical elements for successful campaign, in fact art and technology together completes marketing. Art in the form of positioning, messaging, catchy content, compelling visuals & stories, on the other hand technology as a source of dispersing this art. And today technology is also serving in restructuring the art by inculcating data and analytic as a leading concept in digital marketing. Marketers cannot depend on their intuitions or guesswork anymore to make better decisions rather they need to understand and manage the data for promising marketing decisions and strategies.

In order to stay ahead of competition, marketers need to take advantage of data-driven digital marketing. Basically, Data-driven marketing refers to analyzing and applying information acquired about consumer needs, wants, search patterns, social media activities, interactions with ads and sales promotion in developing marketing campaigns. The traditional ways of conducting research and analysing the data are no longer relevant now days, due to vast amount of information available with lesser efforts and as this escalation of data availability continues new ways of applying these data are also evolving. Successful marketers are now making all their decisions and strategies based on data-driven marketing strategies.

Marketing with data makes an impact. According to a survey conducted by among 100 plus marketing executives on the importance of Data-driven marketing and ROI it generates, 78% are of view that marketing with data increases conversion and acquisition, 71% say it enables them in delivering more relevant messages to more finely segmented audiences, 68% say it drives an increase in clicks and traffic generation and 63% say it increases media planning and buying efficiency.

Moving towards such approach can be a challenging task for marketers, this journey may require a change in mindset and culture along with relevant tools and skills but it is also imperative to ensure the success and effectiveness in digital world. Below are key tips that can help you in making most of analytics to drive your Digital marketing campaign:

  1. Analytics and metrics should be incorporated in design of the campaign and they should be optimized while in progress. Its results can also be used for future campaigns as well.
  2. Most important thing that creates a base for all your analytics is data, it should be relevant and right. Extracting the smaller amount of data from larger one which can be applied to individual customers based on their identity, values and beliefs is a biggest challenge.
  3. Use data to create more targeted and customized messages and provide more suitable content to customers while they are still intensely engaged.

These tips will help you in persuading your customers to choose you. Data-driven marketing is bound to become a priority for businesses as it will help you gain actionable insight to execute online marketing drives with strategic precision and move towards business improvements.

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