No more free benefits from Facebook

Facebook-MarketingThere have been some major shake-ups at Facebook. Here we will outline some of the major changes that Facebook is going to deploy from January 2015.

No More Promotional Posts

Most of the marketers have been taking advantage of Facebook’s Promotional posts as a way to avail content to the fans from the news feed section. But Facebook recently made an announcement about diminishing over use of promotional post in newsfeed of fans.

The entire changes are going to reflect in organic posts from the company page not to the sponsored or paid posts. The impact is going to affect Social Media Marketing arena too as Facebook takes higher budget in Digital Marketing Budget. Facebook said that they are trying crackdown those posts which are too promotional in nature such as:

Posts which pushes people to buy product or download an app

Posts which prompt people to enter in contest rather than to enter in context

Posts which reuse content of an Ad

In case have pushes your product or services on Facebook, now it is a right time to stop that doing. According to new changes the aim is to restrict the huge amount of promotional content that user feed in their news feed section except those ads which are paid or sponsored.

The explanation given by Facebook is that to this point of time promotional content was not regulated or controlled in news feed section: Now news feed section is equipped with more content control parameters, an individual can control the no of ads he/she might want to see on his feeds as well as quality of ads. But previously this content control was not for Promotional content. With new changes in Facebook mechanism Promotional content is going to be faced by strict quality and quantity criteria. Hence enabling users to see what they want to see from their pages.

What it implies for Business Owners: Their Requisite is to continue with posting on their pages but with non-promotional content.

Do remember few things while posting on page:

  1. Try not to use language that is “Sale sly”. For example, if you are promoting an upcoming sale in your company, Kindly do not post such as “Click on below link to get 20% off” . Some ideas are given below for providing context to the audience:

Explain them why you’re availing the sale

Include a customer testimonial or positive experience

Showcase some product with photographs, nice descriptions or a blog post describing how that product can augment life of people.

Provide a video tutorial for how to use the product

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Facebook: For Reading later Save the posts

Any Facebook fan see around 300 posts in their news feed every day, very few people have enough time to read or interact with every single post. Particularly for this problem Facebook has given a solution by offering a button to save links for reading that post later in time. In this way you like something that strikes your interest you can save it in Favorites.

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