Now Vote the Stories in Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook-marketing-2015Afraid that clearly fake or hoax news stories in your News Feed is going to be collateral waste in this update? Don’t worry Facebook has now come up with a solution that allows its users to mark a story as false news. When a number of people have reported it as inaccurate, it will add an annotation to warn users that many others have reported it as fake.

So basically the whole story is that users will now be able to vote the story as Real, Satire or Malicious. And a link which will be frequently flagged as a hoax or deceitful will automatically have a warning affixed to the top. Along with it Facebook will reduce that item’s circulation. The story will neither be completely removed nor does the content will be reviewed and determined as completely inaccurate, they will be just hidden from view. However, if the post that receives maximum number of flags for being false will be highlighted with a message.

If you are unaware about the term hoaxes then let us give you a brief upon it. Hoaxes are kind of News Feed spam that comprises of scams or false or misleading stories that are deliberately posted. Once people realize that the post they are sharing is nothing just a trick to make the story viral they tend to delete it or comment on it as being fake to let their friends know & warn others on Facebook. In fact a test has reported that people are twice likely to delete such posts after receiving negative comments by their friends.

Last year in October it was reported that Facebook has become the major platform for fake news stories from satire sites looking for clicks to raise their ad revenues. That not only includes stupid stories but also some serious hoaxes which can potentially have damaging repercussions. For this very reason this monitoring system has been introduced. Facebook has been trying to position itself as reputable source for news by continually battling to root only the most relevant and interesting posts & this new update is in line with the same efforts.

However, disbursing the power in the hands of user can potentially backfire. This is because users could band together against true stories that they don’t like and report it as false. And sometimes they may mark it as false without going through the story just because their friends called it wrong.

 Will this affect the pages of publishers? Well majority of publishers on Facebook will not be affected by this update. Only a set of publishers who are continuously involved in posting scams & false stories will see their distribution falling.

Now let’s see how this update comes up & what results it shows.

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