Obstacles Surpassed by Content to Become the King

Obstacles Surpassed by Content to Become the King

Content marketing has taken a sharp shift from being nothing to everything. Now all the marketing Gurus are suggesting that you must start reaching out the prospects this way. As the importance increase, challenges also increases that make content marketing difficult in present media environment. Let’s go through some of the challenges that content surpasses to become the king of all.
1. Insufficient Resources
Producing content is easy but producing consistently great content is a difficult job. Writing quality content takes time and skill. A lack of time is arguably one of the biggest barriers to content marketing that many businesses face. Other is insufficient budget, if you don’t have sufficient time to write it yourself you will need to pay someone else to do it on behalf of you. Problem with this approach that many businesses face is explained below through project management triangle.
How to Overcome:
Outsourcing your content production or doing it in-house, whatever be your decision be, is going to cost you one or the other way. In outsourcing you will have to maintain a regular production schedule with the outsourcing company and also you risk the quality of content that may fail to leverage your expertise and industry knowledge or even meet your basic expectations.

Alternatively, choosing to produce in-house can save you a lot of money but only if you manage your time width and balance running business and running a blog.
2. Rising Competition
Whether you are blogging about your stationary business or enterprise-level IT software, someone else is already being blogging upon it for a long time, grabbing audience attention and thus, making competition stronger for you. Even worse you now have to make double efforts in producing content to catch attention of new and existing readers.
How to Overcome:
Don’t write just for the sake of writing, it will definitely take you towards failure. Each and every post you write has to be as good as it possibly can be and you need to keep the pace consistently to build the size of readers and audience. It is understandable that virtually it’s impossible to write the best every time but don’t stop striving for excellence.
3. Consistently Maintaining Quality
Well the above solution now becomes a challenge, as a content producer, reading is also a significant part of my job. I read lot of blogs and articles every day but a very few of them reaches the level of average. Even those sites with huge audiences and large teams of professional writers sometimes publish awful articles riddled with mistakes, lazy writing or incorrect facts. All I can conclude with my recent experience is that, some sites leverage their brand recognition to get away with publishing bad content and on the other hand few smaller sites are doing exceeding well in publishing excellent blogs.

How to Overcome:
You have to consistently push yourself, take the required time to develop writing skills, and only produce the best content you can, before actually publishing one that’s better than many other contents that end up online every day. Also don’t compare your work with other publications too often. Yes it is valuable to be aware of editorial standards and trends but at the same time you should focus on making each of your post better that the last one.


4. Growing Trend of Paid Promotion
Though content writing and promotion is important in digital marketing but the content landscape is shifting towards a high prioritization of paid promotion with a rapid pace. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn who are offering increasingly sophisticated ways of segmenting audiences and reach the right people for the right price, it is laying heavy emphasis on paying to get your content reach to those people whom you want see it.

How to Overcome:
Experiment with paid content promotion on a small scale to measure the campaign’s effectiveness before embarking on larger promotional initiatives. Begin with setting goal for your campaign. Think carefully about what you want your campaign to do before making any investment.
5. Difficulty in Measuring ROI
There was the time when proving that content marketing “worked” was very difficult. Even today with so many sophisticated tools at our disposal, it is still major challenge to quantify the results of content marketing.
How to Overcome:
Fortunately with little planning, it doesn’t have to be that worse. First thing is to determine what you want to accomplish with your content marketing. Whether you want your blog to expand your social media audience or you want to generate leads or combination of several things. But it is very important to do so, as important as measuring ROI. If you hope for increase in leads you will need to ensure that you have conversion paths and tracking set up correctly in Google Analytics to prove that your strategy is working. Similarly for each objective you must have ready tools.

Hope that this content will motivate and help you to write quality content and also give you some ideas to overcome content writing challenges in your way.


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