On Representing ADG at IAMAI Summit by Deepa Sayal

9th-India-Digital-Summit-IAMAI‘Digital’ is how we delineate our world today and how I define marketing for an array of regular and periodic brand awareness and promotional activities. Digital is evidently how we propel a business today with the help of multiple strategic internet tools and techniques. And also, digital is what indispensable, if you really want to create an existence for your business and make the world realize the presence of your brand. It’s not an accessory, but a gear to walk out in the pathways of different markets across the globe.

I, with my team, envision and endeavour to help enterprises and businesses of varying sizes to equip them with digital marketing technology and stimulate their growth by broadening over the internet, reaching the maximum of the online population. And for this, we strive to constantly innovate and formulate newer methods and techniques of online marketing, hinged on rationally analyzed and deeply researched market trends, digital transformation and the requirement of the future. Just like, mobility has become an inevitable part of digital technologies, wherein a digital marketing campaign cannot be derived flawlessly without considering the mobile space.

Today, I am grateful to be a part of IAMAI and to see ADG participate as a silver sponsor at IAMAI summit. This is none less than the recognition for our constant endeavour to augment digital marketing technologies in a compatible form for the next-gen businesses.

Based on the extensive study and intensive analysis, ADG Online Solutions has extracted going-to-rule market trends across the digital marketing space, as mentioned below:

Marketing Analytics:

Marketing Analytics is a technology that delivers evaluation of a marketing endeavour based on the performance of a campaign across different channels with the help of business metrics, such as marketing attribution, ROI and market effectiveness. It gives the real picture of the results occurring from a marketing initiative by congregating data from all the incorporated marketing channels and tools. According to IDC, the global big data and analytics market will surpass $125 billion by 2015.

Hyper-segmentation & Micro Targeting

‘Hyper-segmentation’ is the new buzzword in the digital industry and Micro Targeting is its replica. The better the segmentation you do, the more accurate and result-oriented your marketing initiative becomes, because it helps in planning a campaign on the rational grounds. The research and analysis have concluded that about 51% of marketers see targeted and personalized marketing as fundamental to digital marketing.

Wearable Technology

The connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next phase, we are moving towards, and hence wearable technology is the centre of the future we are heading towards. Undoubtedly, wearable technology is where we will find the next opportunity to business as well as to market. May be, in future, when you would wear a smart watch, you would also find some ads there. The researchers say that by 2020, one in every five lead will come from wearable devices.

Paid Amplification

Paid amplification is the future of social media marketing, without which, it will be gibberish to think of an online presence. Paid amplification is strategy to properly harness the social networking involvement of customers and accordingly, delivering content in a perfect way to get it shared across a multitude of networks. This next-gen technique of scattering your word of brand is an integral part of a successful online marketing initiative.

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