Online Reputation Management: The Advanced Simplified Approach


Have your googled yourself or your company ever? Do you know what people say about your company or brand? At the end of the day its company’s reputation on the line that matters.any positive or negative feedback can affect the brand image. Many companies fail to understand why online image can hamper their sales. Many don’t even realize they need to be concerned about their online reputation.

In present scenario brand reputation management has become a very important issue for any growing business. It is only company’s brand image because of which people will look at a particular brand. Company’s good name in the market act as a marketing tool for it.52% business executive thinks their business depends upon their reputation. In fact 83% consumers say that of the consumers say that various online reviews regarding a brand, products and services, persuade their perception about companies. A study says that while 61% consumers go for online reviews before buying, where as four out of five consumers reverse their decision after seeing a negative review.

There are various key reputation techniques recommended and employed:

1) Own your search engine result page: Don’t be content only with a handful of links at the top of search engine result page for your brand take full advantage of your SERP’s by working to control as much of it as you can from top to bottom.

2) Blog : Blogging is the another way to get your brand out on the addition to showing up your SERPs and positive information about your brand, blogging attracts more traffic than static websites so it helps your reputation and lead generation.

3) Be Social: Claim your brand’s social presence and use them. The top online reputation management accounts are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Slideshare, Google+, Quora.

4) Have an active PR Strategy: Don’t simply rely on company news for your “Press Release”. Look for unique ways your products are being used.Publisize partners and clients you are working with.

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