Adopt Proactive Approach towards Online Reputation Management

Adopt Proactive Approach towards Online Reputation Management

A smart brand today, embraces online reputation management or risk losing revenue and brand prestige. Many marketers and business owners don’t realize the importance of ORM. For an estimate of 45% of ecommerce transactions search is the primary option and many of these may be brand specific. So if you are not leveraging ORM to build your brand reputation then you may be losing a great deal of business.
Google Search is now deeply nested in every aspect of commerce and brand analysis. In simple words we would say “Google it” has become the by default analysis tool anyone uses to do a in depth research of any brand. Brands and individuals leave digital footprints across the World Wide Web and at times these can be damaging, even though it may not be your fault. And not just Google, there are several review sites also available like Yelp, Topix, and numerous anonymous websites help to define your image in digital world.
Sadly, most of the time, searchers don’t look beyond the first page of Google when search results appear and/or via review sites. This somehow has a dual effect, both negative and positive. Looking at the positive aspect, it makes easier to at least get rid of negative comments and reviews and on the other side your brand may not reach the target audience.
A business that aggressively manages its online reputation will uphold long term relationships with its customers. Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons why your business should carefully manage its online reputation:

1.Internet, a new business directory
According to BrightLocal’s 2014 Consumer Review Survey, almost 9 out of 10 consumers consult online business reviews before choosing between companies.
2.Consumers trust reviews
88% of consumers trust online reviews as must as personal recommendations by friends and family.
3.Take control
Control your online brand image, consumers and competitors will. Overlooking online reputation management lets negative reviews to prevail and makes your brand seem disengaged.
4.Good reputation sells
Reliability and professionalism are two major qualities that are valued most by consumers when they compare companies.

5.Be ahead of the curve
58% of executives agree that reputation management needs to be addressed, but only 15% commit efforts and time to the task. What measures can your company take to ensure its online reputation management remains positive? Consider the below tips:
Monitoring the consumer feedback is a key part of online business reputations. Keep a watch on what your consumers are saying about you on various review sites.
Respond to the consumer complaints quickly. Maintain transparency with consumers by responding to their comments whether positive or negative.
8.Build trust
Connect with your customers frequently on a personal level through various social media channels they are active on like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your product is visually attractive, consider platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
9.Encourage engagement
Your website is the face of your business and the most reliable place a for consumers to find information. Make it easy for them to reach you through your website.
10. Be proactive
One of the convenient and free method to monitor you company’s Internet coverage is to set up a Google Alert of your business’ name. Email notifications will let you know about any online mentions of your company


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