Part II: Make the Condign Use of Digital Marketing Tools

As said in our previous blog that we will explain some more tools, here we bring another list. Now you will definitely get your most suitable combination of digital marketing tools for an effective campaign. eCommerce: Offer your products or services online so that people can buy. It can be clothes, ebooks, seminars, webinars, consultation, […]

Part I: Make the Condign Use of Digital Marketing Tools

Is your company using the right Digital Marketing tools to generate business online? Although each tool offers your company a way to build rapport with the market, but, being a marketer, you must understand what combination of tools out of oil will work better for your business. Below is what you must understand as a marketer about the key digital […]

Impact of Social Media on ROI generation for Business

Businesses are becoming more and more active and engaging on social media. And as they are engaging more and more with their prospects and consumers, translating “likes”, “follows” and “pins” into sales generation becomes much stronger priority. While businesses can see their metrics to count upon their performance on social media, the area that needs […]

A Sneak Peak into a day of a Digital Marketer

Marketing has changed a lot in past few years than in the previous 50. Why? Digital marketing which is different than traditional media. Its channels and methods enable real-time implementation, analysis and changes in marketing campaigns. This way you get the ability to see what is and isn’t working. Digital Marketers are often asked, “so […]

Know What’s Best for your Business – Pinterest or Instagram?

Being a Digital Marketing Agency the most frequently asked question we come across while proposing our services for their businesses is – Which platform is more suitable for promoting their brand Instagram or Pinterest? because both of them are very popular platforms that are heavily photo-based, leading them to wonder which platform they should use? […]