Know What’s Best for your Business – Pinterest or Instagram?

Being a Digital Marketing Agency the most frequently asked question we come across while proposing our services for their businesses is – Which platform is more suitable for promoting their brand Instagram or Pinterest? because both of them are very popular platforms that are heavily photo-based, leading them to wonder which platform they should use? […]

Smartphones get Light with Facebook Lite

The new “Lite” version of Facebook specifically designed for low-speed data has arrived aimed at nations with little or very limited data on smartphones making functionality and operability difficult for the users. The existing Facebook app has evolved over the years and this has made the app a lot heavy and tons of features consumes […]

Know how Real-Time Bidding differs from Programmatic Buying

Marketers are very quick at adopting the latest industry jargons and implementing them into their routine work. And now for online marketers real-time bidding and programmatic has become a part of their everyday vocabulary. Although they are used interchangeably but do not mean the same. Let’s define real-time bidding and programmatic to clear up the […]

5 Best CRM Practices and Trends that You Must Know

Every business has data, let’s use it. Customer relationship has lot more than just gathering customer information and arranging them tidily in a system. In order to maximize the impact of customer relationship management system on your customer service you need to incorporate new trends that will challenge marketers. So, It’s time to re-imagine how […]

Enhance Your Decisions with Online Marketing Metrics

When starting out, in business digital marketing campaign the weak area is often analytics. The marketing decisions are mostly based on hunches and predictions. This may lead to failure even if you are getting everything right. To overcome this issue there are some solid metrics which helps in removing unpredictability. And if you are just […]