How to go about Programmatic Targeted Units

Online Media Buying is a major digital marketing activity that derives targeted traffic to one’s website and secures best possible value for that advertisement. The major task in media buying lies in price negotiation and placement of ads. All of us see various banner ads while we are surfing any website or webpage it is […]

Obstacles Surpassed by Content to Become the King

Content marketing has taken a sharp shift from being nothing to everything. Now all the marketing Gurus are suggesting that you must start reaching out the prospects this way. As the importance increase, challenges also increases that make content marketing difficult in present media environment. Let’s go through some of the challenges that content surpasses […]

Digital Marketing Approach for Year Ahead

As time changed, search marketing shifted away from highly focused keyword optimization and with this changed scenario, it has become crucially important for all other digital marketing functions to become key elements of SEO strategy. Also non digital marketing functions should support in the growth of website traffic. With the below highlights of varying years […]

Understanding Google analytics for effective Conversions

Understanding Google analytics for effective Conversions Google Analytics is a very essential tool that helps you to track source of visitors who were sent on your site and what they did while on your site. Below are some points to make the most efficient of Google Analytics: 1. Understand what is Bounce Rate. The bounce […]

Big Data: A Catalyst for Innovation in Social Media Marketing

The explosion of innovation is a pervasive phenomenon, every time when we think that marketers are satiated and we began settling down with the innovations, somebody brings some new terminology and the haste begins from square one. We are talking about this because this has repeated once more and the term is called “Big Data” […]