Adopt Proactive Approach towards Online Reputation Management

A smart brand today, embraces online reputation management or risk losing revenue and brand prestige. Many marketers and business owners don’t realize the importance of ORM. For an estimate of 45% of ecommerce transactions search is the primary option and many of these may be brand specific. So if you are not leveraging ORM to […]

The After effects of Google’s “Mobilegeddon”

“Mobilegeddon” the major update to Google’s search algorithm rolled out on 4/21/2015. This mobile-friendly algorithm update by Google penalized websites that did not provide a positive user experience for mobile users via effective & responsive mobile site. For marketers worldwide, that translates to ranking changes and for ecommerce marketers, this means changes in visits, orders […]

Mobile SEO: Prompting Facts for Digital Marketers

World has gone mobile, everywhere we see people hooked up on their smartphones or a gadget. Why wouldn’t they do so? Especially when smartphones has the capabilities of a personal computer where in almost every transaction can be easily done online. These trends are the clear indication of how the world has truly gone mobile, […]

4 Ways of Augmenting your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing has always been and will continue to be considered as the most effective tool for business to drive awareness for their brand. But Businesses also need to pace up their game in content marketing as Google and other search engines keep on refining their algorithms. So you need to ensure that you are […]

Dive into next-gen Mobile Advertising

When everybody is speaking of mobile advertising trends in 2015, let us give you a deep insight into future of mobile advertising so you can prepare not just for present year but also for three to five years ahead. According to eMarketer, mobile internet ad spending will grow to $94 billion worldwide by 2018. Furthermore, […]