Give a Social Launch Pad to Your Mobile Apps

Most of the people are using Android/IOS smart phones today with so many apps to keep them entertained. This is why the mobile applications market is becoming increasingly competitive. So it may be a challenging task for the marketers to make their applications stand out of crowd and requires extra efforts and out of box […]

Drive Better Results for Your Business with Gamification

Games are not just for fun, they can help you boost your business. You don’t believe me? This article will help you know how. Today let’s talk about Gamification a digital marketing technique which is gaining increased popularity & becoming a super trend among marketers. It is the use of game mechanics & game design […]

New Buzz in Digital Media- Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing have always involved both art & technology as critical elements for successful campaign, in fact art and technology together completes marketing. Art in the form of positioning, messaging, catchy content, compelling visuals & stories, on the other hand technology as a source of dispersing this art. And today technology is also serving in restructuring […]

Three magic mantras for Digital Marketing in 2015

Digital marketing is a constant endeavour that has no end point, but an incessant path to be pursued to achieve excellence in digital presence and maintain it thereafter. Indeed, it is far more important to safeguard and constantly nourish an online presence that has been build over a long period. And that requires an aggressive […]

SMEs to Begin its Growth Story via Internet Marketing

Small and Medium Businesses are the backbone of Indian economy playing a major contributing role in economic growth. Our country consists of about 48 million SMEs who are engaged in manufacturing intermediate & finished goods or are providing an array of services, conjointly accounting for considerable share of India’s industrial output. Due to its growing […]