How does digital marketing belong to us?

Digital marketing is a profound term comprising of various rational aspects, techniques and statistics to complete a picture of overall internet promotion and presentation of a business. In a simple form, it’s the promotion of a brand or business via one or multiple electronic mediums. It is completely different from the conventional marketing, which is […]

As a brand, what you should not do on social media

Social Media has established its importance among businesses whether small or large as an essential part of their Online Marketing Strategy. This is not just because of its cost effectiveness but also for personalized reach to their customers, peers & prospects and generating more business. It customizes the brand and helps you disperse your message […]

Pinterest makes its Search Results ‘Gender Neutral’

Many of us believe Pinterest to be a female centric bookmarking site where users create, collect & share recipes, interior designing ideas & wedding planning tips. However, this site is now trying to entice the demographic by filtering its results based on genders to make it more attractive to men and advertisers. As per the […]

Now Vote the Stories in Your Facebook News Feed

Afraid that clearly fake or hoax news stories in your News Feed is going to be collateral waste in this update? Don’t worry Facebook has now come up with a solution that allows its users to mark a story as false news. When a number of people have reported it as inaccurate, it will add […]

What’s next in Digital Marketing?

New Year has come and so does it bring along new trends. Everyone is wondering what surprise does this year holds for them. In digital world also people are expecting some new trends that are going to dominate in 2015. In this article find out what this year has in store for the marketers: Establish […]