Sneak-peak into building next-gen Secured Mobile Apps

This technological world belongs to handy technology and with enormous growth in smart phone sales mobile apps have taken the market by storm. The best thing about the mobile-app ecosystem is that it has changed our lives and filled it with greater convenience and ease. But as they say good things don’t come that easy; […]

Unveiling what trends will be driving digital marketing in 2016

This year promises to unfold greater technologies, making a space for smarter, integrated and powerful digital strategy. According to a survey by renowned research firm Gartner, marketers no longer center digital as a distinct marketing discipline, infact marketers are moving to “digitally led business models.” Putting it simply, brands are planning to increase their investment in […]

Decoding the concept of Programmatic buying for beginners

Programmatic buying is an advanced form of online advertising often regarded as the future of virtual advertising. It’s another form of ad buying, but surely not the beginning of the end for all manual processes in digital advertising. Let’s discuss in detail what exactly does programmatic buying mean: Basically there are two types of programmatic buying […]

Right Projection is What Makes the Difference ; Understanding ORM

Generally, when we wish to know about a product or entity, the first thing that strikes our mind is Internet. Google being the most preferred search engine turns to be the first choice for people interesting in fetching any info. Every day, over one billion names are searched on Google and based on the available […]

Top Online Marketing Trends; What’s In store for 2016

Online is the future; the ever-growing online marketing industry is highly promising, volatile and an exciting one for everyone who chooses to be a part of it. Every year innovative software’s, new user preferences, new user interfaces dictate a host of sweeping changes that either get adopted or ignored by the businesses. Staying updated and […]