Pinterest makes its Search Results ‘Gender Neutral’

Pinterest-Marketing-2015Many of us believe Pinterest to be a female centric bookmarking site where users create, collect & share recipes, interior designing ideas & wedding planning tips. However, this site is now trying to entice the demographic by filtering its results based on genders to make it more attractive to men and advertisers.

As per the data in November 2014, Pinterest is the world’s second-fastest growing social media platform. Its own data depicts that in U.S it is experiencing more sign ups by men, making men the site’s fastest expanding demographic group. And beyond U.S in its newest markets, namely India, South Korea & Japan, this social media platform is becoming equally popular among both genders.

To support this new demographic in navigating the site & finding what they want in an easy manner, Pinterest enables them to filter search results via gender. For example, a search for shoes will throw up results for men’s rather than women’s shoes. This add-on will also be useful when looking for a new short haircut which is presently the leading search term for male users as per Pinterest’s own report. This doesn’t mean that only men will be able to search men’s products & pins but both the genders can search each other’s genders as well, as the site is well aware of the role it plays in serving people for gifting ideas.

As per Pinterest engineer Pei Yin in its blog, promises that the change is “just the tip of the iceberg” and that many more improvements are on its way. So it is highly expected that the network will become more attractive to advertisers. In its series of progress they are also considering offering more data, such as user’s ‘intent’ data where in users can find what they want to buy.

With this update we can expect larger opportunities for the business for Social Media Marketing on Pinterest as it will no longer be dominated by pins revolving around female preferences rather giving equal preference to male related pins. Advertisers can pin updates & products on their boards which are useful for both the genders but for getting into limelight they are advised to use group boards, offer something appealing to the interest in a hobby or activity and also collaborate with popular pinners with large following so that their brands get exposure.

We can conclude that Pinterest has taken a smart step to change its market positioning, gain more engagement and serving as a marketing platform for all kind of products. What do you think? What new strategies can be developed? You can share your views with us in the comments below.

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