Programmatic Buying: Leading Facts and Figures


Fully understanding Programmatic Buying can be tough for beginners and even veterans of the industry but we have already shared good strategic process of how it works – Pick, Match, Trigger, Track and Repeat.

Usefulness of Media Buying need not to be explained- Unprecedented control over you message in the online space, Real-time adjustments are possible, you can target your consumers directly and it also helps you to find out results quickly.

Few programmatic facts and figures will help you visualize the digital advertising ecosystem. Here are the best chosen figures to help you understand the automation of digital advertising.

1. An Ad Life

While a marketer can spend weeks building the perfect ad campaign strategy, it takes only a fraction of second to buy and serve the ad. Programmatic ad impressions are born and live in around 0.36 of a second. From the moment a page loads, a real time action occurs and an ad is served seamlessly to users regularly over the Internet.

2. Programmatically Mobile

Mobile programmatic buying is becoming an increasingly important method for advertisers to reach pinpointed audiences on the device they use the most. Through a survey it was found that 75% of marketers currently buy programmatically out of which 57% buy on mobile. And the top ten verticals which buy programmatically includes telecommunication, retail, entertainment, dating, automotive, technology, consumer goods, finance, personal & home service and travel. And these verticals were of view to plan on mobile very shortly.

3. Programmatic Buying Ecosystem

Real Time Bidding, Programmatic buying, RTB, Automated buying: whatever you call it—here is what the ecosystem looks like.


4. Marketing in the Programmatic Age

Programmatic is big business. Around 300 trillion bytes of data are processed by programmatic marketing platforms. And it is estimated that the programmatic marketing industry is 2017 will reach up to $30 billion.

5. Programmatic Display and Video Landscape

The display ecosystem is large and fragmented. With more acquisition and competition becoming fierce, this landscape is bound to simplify one day. And programmatic video is still often misunderstood by many industry professionals. The players, technologies and relationships differ greatly from the display ecosystem.

6. The New Laws of the Media Universe

A very creative infographic that displays the primary elements that makes up the digital media universe.


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