Businesses should prioritize on Reputation Management to bridge the gaps

Businesses should prioritize on Reputation Management to bridge the gaps

Shaping a business idea into an identity takes a lot of hard work and years of persistent effort but imagine a situation where even after achieving a considerable stature you still lack behind your competitors and are unable to understand the gap. You are consistently providing excellent services to your existing customer, but your business still struggles to fetch greater results. Finally, after a lot of researching and digging,you acknowledge that your company has some very negative reviews posted online. Something suddenly clicks and you realize your online reputation is presenting a twisted perception of your concern and its high time you need to worry about your virtual presence too.
Online reputation of your company frames an authentic virtual impression on the people,especially on the ones looking for to know about your brand name and credibility. In Nielsen’s most recent Global Trust in Advertising study, 70% of global consumers indicated they trust online reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions. Let’s analyze how should you go about it:
Improving & maintaining your online reputation s/b your major marketing priority:
All your other marketing efforts, whether they are online such as SEO, social media, PPC, or offline such as direct mail, magazines, radio, or TV, will ultimately lead the consumer to know more about your business online. So, it’s highly important to have a positive and leading search engine presence for easy accessibility.
Make reviews part of the comprehensive Reputation Marketing Strategy:
Online Review and Online Reputation building are one of the most important part of the Online Reputation Management. Since reviews are most prominently displayed in conjunction with the hyper-local maps of search engines, they don’t generate many leads outside this area.For the vast majority of businesses serving multiple cities from a single location,reviews should be just one building block in a larger reputation marketing strategy.
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That strategy should employ SEO to ensure the company’s website ranks near the top in all the cities they serve for their most important buying phrases. With the dominance of mobile devices display in local purchasing, companies should make sure their websites not only rank high, but should also be mobile-friendly with click-to-call, click-to-map, and other navigable engagement features
Benefits of Positive Reviews:
Clearly, your business needs to put a review-gathering, reputation marketing culture, and process in place. The investment you make will return outsized profits from the new customers you’ll attract. But there is one other hidden benefit that an outstanding online reputation will bring: pricing power.For years, nearly every business has struggled to defend its price in a world of competitors. Imagine how easy it will be to respond to “Why should I pay more for your service?” when you can simply reply, “Have you taken a look online to see what our customers say?”Develop a system to ensure your biggest fans are louder than your biggest enemies; the payoff is worth it.


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