SEO Moving Beyond Keywords

SEO Moving Beyond Keywords

When we say SEO, the very first thing that comes in our mind is keywords optimization. With the updates like Google Panda which started trying to weed out the process of keyword-stuffing or writing fuller content, keyword selection and strategy is still prevalent as a valuable part of the Search Engine Optimization process for any marketer.
Today, keywords have lost their dominance. And if you make efforts to succeed just by keywords strategy they will work against you, either because you use them heavily and end up getting penalized, or because your concentration is completely on keywords which distracted you from other major strategies. Let us now have a look at some more significant onsite optimization factors:
Content Positioning
More than keyword frequency, what matters more is content positioning. Rather than concentrating on the number of keywords that appear within the body of that content, it is much more important to decide the location of your keywords within each page. For example, content that appears in the heading or title of your page matter far more than content located in the footer, or text that appears in the middle of long stretch of the content.
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Semantic Search
It has radically altered the nature onsite analysis. Google once relied on keyword-based analysis, looking at each keyword phrase as a block and those blocks to make one-to-one comparisons against user queries. But today, Google’s search bots are far more complex. They go a step further by interpreting long phrases instead of recognizing keyword phrases. By doing this, Google is determining the purpose of your site based on your semantic use of language, and pairing that with suitable queries. This entire process of semantic search focuses on what makes sense for your business and your brand.
The Structure and Navigation of Your Site
Your site should be easily navigable by users. This means users need to easily understand how to get around your site and Google serves as an enforcement agent that ensures a great deal of easily navigable sites. So, if your site contains clear and organized main menu and submenus, you will stand to benefit far more than a site with links posted all over the place. Also, make sure your site includes sitemap, standby pages like contact, about, and services pages.

Site Speed and Security
Site speed is another important ranking factor that is gaining popularity with increasing competition and access to more devices. Improve your site speed by implementing a clean caching system, reducing the size of your images, and removing unnecessary clutter in your backend.
Along with this, site security is another factor that is emerging rapidly. Already SSL encryption is getting a rank boost over their non-encrypted counterparts; this value for site security is bound to increase over time.
Mobile Optimization
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With the introduction of Google’s Mobilegeddon, mobile optimization has become a must for every website to boost their ranking. If your site is not mobile-friendly your website ranking will suffer. And those who have already optimized for mobile keep in mind that all Google want is great online experience for users.
At last to conclude, it is advisable to stop worrying about keywords and instead focus on creating fantastic content, onsite elements that are going to actively improve overall experience of users. This will ensure a high quality and penalty-proof site, and you’ll be able to remain in good graces of your users and major search engines.


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