SEO Trends You Need to Plan for in 2015

SEO-Trends-2015SEO abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is a technique to invite traffic to your website by attaining higher ranks in Search Engine Result pages – including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. This is the most generic definition that can help you get a crux of what it is. Assuming that you are well aware about this term, today let us discuss some of the emerging trends in SEO that we can expect in near future and SEO companies need to plan for.

Do not fall for any build up saying that ‘SEO is dead’ and ‘Social is the brand new Search’. In fact the complexity has grown more without affecting its value as a ‘tried and true’ technique. So being an irreplaceable tool in the coming future as well, here are few predictions about SEO trends for 2015:

Allowing Social Interaction on a Website

It seems that along with the existing tools like Google Analytics (which informs about the number of people who were active on your website as well as their locations) some new tools can come into action. An example of this is Spot.IM, launched by an ex-Solution founder. This will add a social layer to a website by building community of those who visit your website allowing interactions among the visitors as well as with the publishers.

Targeting Conversational Queries

In order to capture user’s actual search intent targeting conversational queries will become an important aspect to rank well. For this it will be crucial that your keyword research should attempt to recognize both ‘Long-tail keywords’ which are more specific phrases that consumers more preferably use when they’re closer to the point-of-purchase and ‘Latent semantic indexing’ which will tell relationship of keywords to one another, more specifically a term for synonyms and plurals of your prime keyword.

Multimedia Content will take over Plain Text

Due to immense rise in multimedia content, the focal-point will be visual content- innovative image content, video engagement, and infographics. There’s a hope that Google will now index visuals with equal pleasure as plain text as consumers are bored of reading usual text.

Mobile Friendly Content

With the rampant use of smartphones and tablets SEO campaigns should more aggressively focus on mobile friendly content that’s accessible to mobile users. Along with the readjustment to the browser window, content also need to be lighter an small devices. With Google Algorithm taking into consideration User Behaviour if you serve bad user experience due to improper optimization, it will have an adverse effect on your ranking.

Truly Earned Links will be more Valuable

Earned Media is when others let you share your content on their website, however truly earned media is when your content is so strong that others want to link with your brand. Inbound links have always been and still remains a successful link Strategy. Adopting low quality link strategy will get your site penalized. Some of the Google’s tools will help you track and neutralize the low quality harmful links.

The handful of companies that will be able to optimize these changes will own a substantial share in the Search Engine arena. ADG Online solutions is a SEO company that is continuously keeping eyes on latest trends and is making true efforts to exploit all the opportunities and overcome expected threats in favour of its clients.

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