Go green at work; Six simple ways to make your workplace eco-friendly

Go green at work; Six simple ways to make your workplace eco-friendly

With Modi’s “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” taking the whole country by storm its high time corporate firms understand their share of accountability towards keeping a healthier environment. With technology & development taking the front seat, environmental consciousness has gone for a toss.Businesses must understand & preach that environmental consciousness is equally important for the overall growth of business. Here are a few ways that businesses can do to help maintain a healthier environment:

Greening the Commute: We can prefer better ways of commuting to office like carpooling, taking public transit, biking, walking, or a creative combination of any two modes. If there’s no good way to phase out your car, consider getting a hybrid, electric vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, or using a car sharing service like Ride.

Go Digi, take it to the Cloud: Cloud computing has not only allowed businesses to become more streamlined, collaborative and efficient, but it has also added to the needful contribution towards environment protection. Simple instance for say, how much paper and ink is saved when files are saved, shared and disseminated digitally. Applications like Mobile Work Folder and Microsoft’s Office 365 are truly helpful as they allow employees in different office locations to collaborate more efficiently and access documents from anywhere, with no travel required.

Economical usage of paper: There are better ways to reduce waste for those documents that absolutely must be printed. Printing double-sided pages, using post-consumer waste paper, eliminating unnecessary fax-cover sheets, printing documents in less-bold fonts and ensuring that used paper ends up in the recycling bin are just a few ways to reduce the carbon footprint made by paper products.

Remember Video/Tele Conferencing:Make full use of technology and save on travel time and expenses by taking advantage of teleconferencing and video conferencing. Employees that have access to Internet Plans and Mobile Internet solutions, combined with the right devices and collaboration software can save money, spend less time on the road, and decrease commuting and carbon emissions.

Bring Nature To Work: The office environment itself can be a great opportunity for business owners to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money and having a positive & healthier environment. Introducing little changes like taking advantage of natural lighting, using open windows instead of air conditioning and bringing in a few potted plants instead of more wasteful office decor can make a big impact on how employees view their company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Recycle Beyond the Bin:In the average workplace, about 80 to 90 percent of solid waste is actually recyclable, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Establishing an office recycling initiative won’t just reduce your carbon footprint, but it could also save your business money. Like for say, at many organizations, used smartphones end up in a drawer, closet or storage room collecting dust and taking up space. These units contain both valuable materials and hazardous substances and should be properly recycled so they don’t end up in landfill.
By taking these simple steps you take your business to a greener & healthier future with minimum carbon footprints.


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