Smartphones get Light with Facebook Lite

Smartphones get Light with Facebook Lite

The new “Lite” version of Facebook specifically designed for low-speed data has arrived aimed at nations with little or very limited data on smartphones making functionality and operability difficult for the users. The existing Facebook app has evolved over the years and this has made the app a lot heavy and tons of features consumes large chunk of data. All these factors led some phones not supporting all the features to the fullest.

The new app functions similar to the standard Facebook app, would it be able to keep up? The graphics and presentations are cut down to a bare minimum, most of the navigation and info page that was on the left in now gone. The input box is also not there, replaced by buttons (Write, Post Photos, and Post Video) that opens down the actual input forms only when needed. In short, all the pages on the site seems to be affected- they are simpler, easier to read and faster. The creators of this app had one thing in mind and that’s reliability.

Wao! Such less space
Basic requirements for software are Android 2.2 froyo, API 8, and that’s all. Currently the Lite app is taking up 1.2 MB storage space for app which is 42.14 MB for standard app, 260 KB space for data which is 71.67 MB for standard one.

Installation is a breeze
Installing the Facebook lite is very smooth be it 2G, 3G or 4G and even loading is quite brisk too. The creators left no loop in terms of speed; the app has been made conducive to speed deprived nations.

It’s not super pretty

Well it was a little expected on the feel and look side. Cutting down a 70MB app to 250KB has its bearing and fitting everything into the application which is designed for mobile consumption has its cons.
Chat Option

In standard Facebook App you have to install the Messenger to make use of chat option. But luckily the creators played right cards and decided to keep it within the Lite app. This one is definitely a big bonus and we’re happy to see that happening.

Make changes as you desire
Just in case you don’t like nig images, go to settings menu and change the resolution of image that you woul like to see in your newsfeed and thus, you can tinker with the option of getting chat notification on the lock screen.
No to Videos

A disheartening ommision in Lite is that it doesn’t support videos and in many ways it maintains the Lite factor of the app consuming less data.

So, to conclude we can say that the app makes a lot of sense for market like India and is undoubtedly a superb app which is better in all the terms (carries all requirements and android friendly). And those who feel things are missing just remember the purpose behind making this app. Anyone can use it but priority is to tap the non-Facebook user base in the country and add more people to the platform.


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