Social Media News in Buzz: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Social media marketing is on no verge of getting outdated, rather more and more updates on all social media platforms are compelling the marketers to make efforts in optimally turning things in their favour. With the beginning of New Year all the esteemed social networks started bringing new tools and features to support changing needs and meet them in an improved manner. Some of the latest updates made by Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are listed below, let us go through them:

facebook-marketingFacebook to Filter Page Likes
Facebook is planning to purge Page likes from inactive users to make them more meaningful, as announced by the company on 5th March 2015. The purge is likely to take place over the coming weeks. So business must be ready to lose like shortly, it may take place slowly and gradually over time or though any other way which is still not confirmed. Likes will be erased from users who have deactivated or memorialised their accounts and if they re-activate, the Page like will be restored.

Facebook reasoned its action with an objective to promote consistency and help businesses get up-to-date insights on users who actively follow their Page.

pinning-boards-pinPinterest Plans to Boost Target Ads
Pinterest plans to serve more user data to advertisers in an attempt to further strike the site activity and user engagement. Presently the scrapbooking platform is available with 30 categories for its Promoted Pins product but as the changes get live, ‘advertisers will also be able to target users by audience, such as ‘outdoor enthusiast’”, as well as being able to opt from more filtered versions of already existing targeting categories.

It is also intent to introduce its ad game by serving its brands and advertisers with a richer tapestry of user details. User’s hobbies and categorical viewing structure will be of specific interest to brands and advertisers within that niche.

Morrison wrote: “Previously, for example, a marketer may have been able to target interests broadly in sports, but now it will be able to target specific sports like soccer.”
The new feature will be tested over the coming months.

Twitter-advertisingjpgTwitter revamps Ad Targeting with Partner Audiences
Twitter’s ads are greatly improved with the launch of ‘partner audiences’ which was born through partnership of twitter and analytics company Axciom and Datalogix. Both the companies will together provide 1,000 audience categories. With this advertisers can now target promotional tweets at users who have showed buying interest in specific categories outside Twitter which in turn will provide higher ROI.

Through Twitters early test Nestle have been able to improve engagement for one of its campaigns by 52%, in comparison to brand’s overall performance previous year.

Instagram introduces ‘Carousel Ads’
instagram-advertisingAs Instagram received a feedback from the community that they are interested in learning more about brands after they have be enthused by a sponsored photos or videos, So it introduced a new format called ‘carousel ads’ an innovative way for brands to share more photos with people who showed interest in their posts.

This will add value to Instagram as a ROI-generating advertising platform. This new feature will bring the potential of multi-page print campaigns to mobile devices with an added benefit of taking people to a website to learn more.

Testing of carousel ads will be undertaken soon.

Twitter Tests Easy Access for Tweet-By-Tweet Analytics
twitter-tweet-analysisA new feature is being tested by Twitter that allows advertisers to get an easy access to analytics for individual tweets directly from Twitter timeline.

This feature has been marked in various forms which includes a small bar graph icon and a ‘View Tweet Activity’ button.

All these social media updates are in favor of businesses for better marketing support. We keep ourselves and our audience updated with all upcoming social media marketing features to incorporate them in our marketing activities for better functioning and outcomes.

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