Synergizing Digital Accomplishments & Ingenious Ideas at IAMAI Digital Summit

Deepa-Sayal-at-IAMAI-9th-Digital-SummitIAMAI (The Internet & Mobile Association of India) is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Act, 1896 set up with an objective of expanding and enhancing the online and mobile value added services industry. The association takes a leading role in development of internet & mobile economy by indulging in activities like promoting the integral potency of digital economy, conducting research, evaluating and proposing the standards and practices for creating a favourable business environment for the industry.

As digital media has emerged as a major & successful contributor in the market, so to celebrate this success IAMAI organized the largest annual conference, the 9th Digital Summit in New Delhi. This Summit has proved to be a supreme platform for mobile & online marketers, entrepreneurs, digital marketing agencies, technology companies, e-commerce, & entertainment companies amongst others to exhibit, interact and share ideas on the possibilities of mobile & digital media.

ADG Online Solutions was the proud Silver Sponsor at the Summit which was none less than the recognition for its assiduous attempt at strengthening Digital Marketing technologies for the welfare of next-gen businesses.

During the conference, one of the sessions was led by Ms. Deepa Sayal, Managing Director of ADG Online Solutions, where she spoke of the next big things in Digital arena like Predictive Analytics, I Beacon & Seamless integration of products & services industries. These ideas caught keen public attention leading to increased awareness of these concepts, all thanks to Ms. Sayal.

Seeing such keenness among people it would be great to share what these concepts are all about, so let’s have a look:

The first big thing discussed during the session was Predictive Analysis – It is a branch of advanced analytics which uses several techniques like data mining, machine learning, statistics, modelling, & artificial intelligence to analyse historical trends & make predictions about future trends or unknown events. It brings together the IT, management & business process to predict future events by using data mining, predictive modelling and analytical techniques. The patterns & relationships unfurled through both structured & unstructured data will help in identifying the threats & opportunities in future. With successful application of such techniques businesses can effectively yield & interpret large data in their favour thus enabling the organization to become futuristic, forward looking, and proactive on anticipations based upon data rather that some vague assumptions.

Secondly, the discussion revolved around iBeacons – It is a technology standard developed by Apple which is a Bluetooth-based beacon concept which allows to create several ways of broadcasting location-based information to the iPhones and other IOS users within short distance. iBeacons work with iPhone 4s or later series, iPad 3rd gen onwards, iPad mini & iPod touch 5th gen or later series, Android 4.3 & above.

Now you must be thinking how does it work? So here’s the explanation. Beacons are tiny & cheap transmitters. All it consists of are: a Broadcaster (Beacon device) and a Receiver (Smartphone app). Apps installed on your devices receive the signal transmitted by these beacons & respond suitably when the device comes into range. For instance the broadcaster is advertising “We are here, Our name is..” and you can revert back accordingly based on your distance from them.

The Last but not the least, Ms. Sayal spoke of Integrated Products & Services Strategies – With intensifying competitive environment among technology driven companies, some of them have started shifting from solely product-driven or service-driven strategies to an integrated products & services strategies. However to be successful in its application companies must follow the below outlined stages:

  • Defining present strategic paths
  • Analyzing the current cash flow’s strategic-paths
  • Identifying appropriate product-service transitional path
  • Analyzing strategic-path synergies of product-service
  • Estimating the impact of changes in the product-service strategic path on cash flows
  • Identifying the major challenges & barriers to success in strategic-path transition
  • Outlining the transitional path strategy

All the above are the upcoming trends that industries are expected to exploit in future for favourable market standing and gaining new business. Ms. Sayal made sure that ADG Online Solutions will continue to formulate deeply researched market trends in its operations to serve its clients with excellent services.

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