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An effective E mail marketing can improve customer loyalty and trust,boost brand recognition and increase revenue.it is a great and effective sales tool as well as informative medium. But for some marketers marketing through email is not as effective as it used to be because they think that brands can communicate with the customers through facebook ,Twitter and from their own website. But many feels that it is one of the key ingredients when you are thinking of starting your own business  A recent study says that 91% of consumers check their email once a day, whereas 1/3rd of recipients say that they  open mail based on subject line alone. In fact more than 70% mobile buying decisions are influenced by promotional mails.

Email and newsletter marketing tools maximize marketing campaigns’ return on investment by assuring that right message has been sent to the right person at right time. But in reality less than 4% of marketers rate their marketing campaign excellent. There are plenty of opportunities in the market, the challenge is how to utilize them in most effective way. This can be done successfully by employing best marketing strategies and using latest softwares  available in the market.

One of the exciting tools to utilize in today’s market is Twitter. This social media network has evolved from being an online network to being a synonym of business hub with its new ecommerce friendly tools. Below are the ways to increase your mailing list by using Twitter:

1) Promoted Tweets: You can use promoted tweets as a form of advertising tool in tweeted form. Insert a link to tour squeezed page where you can offer your email marketing services and promos to users who click the link.

2) Budget and Bid Section: by choosing thisyou can setup your daily budget for retweets, clicks, reply or favourites.

3) Lead Generation Cards: this is advantageous for small and medium sized business to help in building subscribe mailing list on the site. Business can use this new advertising option to build mail list directly on twitter’s site.

4) Track Result: the progress of promoted tweets and lead generation card can be measured with this. With the help of Google analytics track results the general twitter traffic can be checked.

No matter whether you run a small business ,a non profit organization or a multinational company with number of employees in thousands, thesophisticated, affordable and user friendly tools of ADG Online Solutions Ltd can give a boost to your bulk email marketing to a much higher level. Our fully web based services empowers you like no other marketing tool can .so promote your business and boost your sales by building mailing list and bonding with your customers. It is the best way of advertising and to remain in touch with your customers and build a healthy relationship with them.

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